Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Amish Bride of Ice Mountain by Kelly Long - Review of the first book in the Ice Mountain series

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Like most Mountain Amish girls, Mary King has always dreamed of her wedding day. But she never imagined that a sudden, irresistible kiss would result in marriage to the handsome Englischer professor studying her unique community. Or that doing the truly honorable thing means keeping their relationship chaste so both she and Dr. Jude Lyons can someday go their separate ways.

But when Mary accompanies her husband-in-name-only to Atlanta to meet his wealthy, overbearing family, she's tempted more than ever by Jude's kindness, humor--and vulnerability. And when a wrenching misunderstanding causes her to return heartbroken to her remote Appalacian home, she's certain she's lost the real love they have found...and the shared future she's come to want so much. But a crisis of more than faith will work surprising miracles--and show Mary that love is strong enough to make the impossible come true.

Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! This was one wonderful story and such a different take on the 'normal' Amish book. Kelly does a fantastic job and has you shaking your head and crying throughout. She just pulls you right in and you are experiencing the feelings of the characters. There is a lot going on with the families and community of this couple and how they handle things is really amazing. I highly recommend this book as an excellent read.

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The Matchmaker by Sarah Price - Review of the second book in the Amish Classics series

Emma Weaver is twenty-one years old and has found a passion for playing matchmaker with her friends. Her neighbor, Gideon King, warns her about interfering in people's lives, but she disregards his advice and plans to set up Paul, the son of the bishop with her friend Hannah.

But when Paul misinterprets Emma's attention, believing she has feelings for him, he begins asking her to ride in his buggy after Sunday singings and shows up at her house for Friday evening visits. As she tries to repair the damage that's been done and mend the hearts that have been broken, she finds herself in trouble with the community. Will she learn her lesson and stop meddling in the affairs of others? Will she find a love of her own.

What a good series this is. Have you ever thought you were doing something positive for others and then mess up not only your own life but other lives as well? I really like the way Sarah tells the story and lets the reader see how Emma handles each situation. She teaches a lesson about letting 'nature' take it's course and not trying to take the 'course' in your own hands, especially when your are messing with other peoples lives. Great read Sarah! I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, "Second Chances" coming out in June of this year.

Monday, April 6, 2015

August by Kit Morgan - Review of the first book in the Prairie Grooms series

Prairie Grooms is a series, so you'll want to read these books in order to have the most fun. Kit Morgan's books are fun, whimsical, sweet stories about the old west, its people, but especially about Clear Creek. One of the wackiest little towns in the old west!

Also by Kit Morgan:
The Prairie Bride Series, beginning with 'His Prairie Princess"

The Holiday Mail Order Bride Series, beginning with 'The Christmas Mail Order Bride'

What happens when six English ladies are shipped off halfway across the world as mail order brides? EVERYTHING! Watch them go from a posh lifestyle in London to Clear Creek, a nothing of a town full of quirky characters, crazy livestock, and bumbling villains! Oh, and handsome grooms too!

Duncan Cooke, aka The Duke of Stantham, had a problem. He had a huge estate in England to manage, one not far from London, and it came with all the headaches one would expect with an estate in disarray. Including six unwed cousins, women no man would touch for fear of losing a limb, or worse. Strange things happened to all who tried to court them, so they were left unwed. But Duncan realized that his hometown of Clear Creek had exactly what he needed. MEN! And so with the help of his brother's wife Sadie, he concocted a plan to send his cousins to Clear Creek as mail order brides! He just hoped the calamity that often followed them, didn't find its way across the sea as well ...

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Yes, I will agree with the 'Back of the Book Blurb' this was a fun book and there are quirky characters, crazy livestock and bumbling villains. You will find this book very enjoyable but I think before I read the next ones in this series I might want to go back and start with the 'The Prairie Brides' series, I would suggest that you start there also. There are seven books in the first series and six in this series (The Prairie Grooms). I read this one pretty quickly and it looks like the other books are short stories also, but well worth the time. I think you will find yourself giggling as you read.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Agent's Secret Past by Debby Giusti - Review of the sixth book in the Military Investigations series

Eight years ago, a drifter destroyed Becca Miller's ties to her Amish community--and murdered her family. Now a special agent with Fort Rickman's criminal investigation department, Becca knows her past has caught up with her and doesn't want to relive it. She's convinced that the killer, who supposedly died years ago, is very much alive and after her. Special agent Colby Voss agrees to help her investigate. Yet the closer they get to the truth, the closer the killer gets to silencing her permanently.

The Amish buggy on the cover caught my eye, little did I know that this was the sixth book in a series as I usually try to read a series in order. Yes, yes, I judge whether I want a book by its cover, then the title (those two kind of go hand in hand) and then the author, sometimes I read the blurb and sometimes I don't. Debby is also a new author for me and I can say that I did enjoy her writing as much as I enjoyed the story, great job!

Becca is a very strong character who doesn't want to depend on anyone but she may just have to do that. When she returns to the states as a special agent it isn't far from her hometown, when her new housing catches fire she starts seeing her nemesis, hearing her name called and becoming fearful, at least she thinks she is. I can't imagine living in that kind of fear, you will find yourself wanting to read this quickly to see if she is imagining things or if she should be in fear for her life.

So if you like Amish books and/or mysteries, I think you will enjoy this book. I also have the next book in the series, "Stranded" and yes, it also has an Amish buggy on the cover, lol.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wonderful Lonesome by Olivia Newport - Review of the first book in the Amish Turns of Time series

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In a struggling Amish settlement on the harsh Colorado plain, Abbie Weaver refuses to concede defeat to hail, drought, and coyotes. When Abbie discovers the root of her Amish church's spiritual divide, she must choose between a quiet love in her cherished church, passion with a man determined to leave the church, or imagining her life with neither.

An interesting story about some of the first Amish moving west and finding out that most of the good things they read/heard ended up being untrue. Abbie really fell in love with the country and had faith that the church would grow, not everyone felt the same way. When some of the families make decisions that upset her, she still didn't give up, even when her family was giving up, she still held on strong to that faith. Have you ever been told that you have to change your mind and give up on something that you feel in your heart God has told you this is where you need to be, this is what you need to be doing? What did you do and what do think Abbie will do?

A good historical fiction about the Amish trying to move on and not only their physical and emotional fight but also their spiritual fight to follow God's will. It looks like this is going to be a good series. I already have the second book, "Meek and Mild" which I will be reading soon and a the third in the series "Brightest and Best" comes out in August of 2015, looking forward to that one too. I read this first book in e-book format.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Faith of Her Own by Kathleen Fuller - Review of the first book in the Middlefield Amish series

Ever since Anna Mae's childhood friend Jeremiah left their Amish community, she's questioned her own place in the Amish world. The Amish life feels as if it's closing in on her, and with her mother trying to set her up with potential suitors, Anna Mae feels trapped in a life she's not sure she wants anymore. But she's never told anyone that she longs for a tiny taste of freedom--freedom that could be very costly.

When Jeremiah suddenly reappears in Middlefield to help his mentor, Yankee veterinarian Dr. Miller, new questions surface for Anna Mae, along with feelings she'd never full acknowledged before.

As Anna Mae and Jeremiah rekindle their friendship, old feelings take on new meaning. Yet the question still lingers: What is God's plan for her life? Should she stay, remaining loyal to her Amish family, or does God have a bigger plan--one that provides more freedom than she could imagine? The answers do not come easily, and God's plan may lead in different directions . . . for both of Anna Mae and Jeremiah.

I have read several books by Kathleen and this has been one of the best I think. I like the plot and how she tugs at your heart with the characters feelings. Once the tugging started and I managed to hold the tears back I finished the book feeling very good about how the individuals dealt with their true feelings and the way the book ended. Anna Mae and Jeremiah are very strong characters who will do anything to accomplish what they want in their life, even if it takes years and separation from family and each other.

I would highly recommend this book and if you have not read any of Kathleen's other books or stories in one of the 'collection' type books then you have a lot of catching up to do on some good reading.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Anna's Crossing by Suzanne Woods Fisher - Review of the first book in the Amish Beginnings series

On a hot day in 1737 in Rotterdam, Anna K├Ânig reluctantly sets foot on the Charming Nancy, a merchant ship that will carry her and her fellow Amish believers across the Atlantic to start a new life. As the only one in her community who can speak English, she feels compelled to go. But Anna is determined to complete this journey and return home--assuming she survives. She's heard horrific tales of ocean crossings and worse ones of what lay ahead in the New World. But fearfulness is something Anna has never known.

Ship's carpenter Bairn resents the somber people--dubbed Peculiars by the deckhands--who fill the lower deck of the Charming Nancy. All Bairn wants to do is to put his lonely past behind him, but that irksome and lovely lass Anna and her people keep intruding on him.

Delays, storms, illness, and diminishing provisions test the mettle and patience of everyone on board. When Anna is caught in a life-threatening situation, Bairn makes a discovery that shakes his entire foundation. But has the revelation come too late?

Bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher invites you back to the beginning of Amish life in America with this fascinating glimpse into the first ocean crossing--and the lives of two intrepid people who braved it.

What a wonderful story, to go back to the time of the Amish coming to America and the difficulties it entailed. Suzanne has you living on that ship and when they encounter a slave ship it really pulls at your heart. Now mind you, that isn't the only thing that keeps you moving along in this book. I was surprised at how the group depended on one single woman to be the 'mediator' (translator) as well as the one to help in many other ways too. I would have thought at least one of the men would have learned English instead of depending on a woman to do the communicating with other men. I really did enjoy reading "Anna's Crossing" and would recommend it to others that enjoy Amish books.

In Suzanne's research for this series she learned a lot about the Amish history and she did a daily blog for 30 days on it. If you are interested here is her blog:, they start on February 2nd and go through March 2nd.