Monday, June 29, 2015

Frontier Engagement by Regina Scott - Review of the third book in the Frontier Bachelors series

James Wallin's family is depending on him to find a schoolteacher for their frontier town. Alexandrina Fosgrave seems to be exactly what he needs to help fulfill his father's dream of building a new community. If only James could convince her to accept the position.

Alexandrina has traveled west to seek a fresh start, not to find a groom. But after she's stranded i the wilderness with James, he offers her his hand in marriage to protect her reputation. Both are afraid to fall in love, but maybe an engagement of convenience could make them reconsider...

I really enjoyed this book, this is the second book of Regina's that I've read and am looking forward to reading more. I read the second one in the series and this one picked up right where that on left off with the same characters being in this book too. I like that she did that as it's interesting to see how the 'family' (as the case may be) is moving on with their lives, I see a few more books to come, YEA! Alexandrina has quite an interesting life before meeting up with James and they share quite an experience here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. A must read! Oh, and since somehow I skipped over the first book in the series, I have to find it in my TBR pile so I can read it too! I've read the second one and really liked it too.

I was given this book by the author for an honest review. This review is my honest opinion of this book.

Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer - Review

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Adelaide Proctor is a young woman with her head in the clouds, longing for a real-life storybook hero to claim as her own. But when a husband-hunting debacle leavers her humiliated, she interviews for a staid governess position on a central Texas sheep ranch and vows to leave her romantic yearnings behind.

When Gideon Westcott left his privileged life in England to make a name for himself in America's wool industry, he never expected to become a father overnight. And five-year-old Isabella hasn't uttered a word since she lost her mother. The unconventionality of the new governess concerns Gideon--and intrigues him at the same time. But he can't afford distractions. He has a ranch to run, a shearing to oversee, and a suspicious fence-cutting to investigate.

When Isabella's uncle comes to claim the child--and her inheritance--Gideon and Adelaide must work together to protect Isabella from the man's evil schemes. And soon neither can deny their growing attraction. But after so many heartbreaks, will Adelaide be willing to get her head out of the clouds and put her heart on the line?

Karen impresses me more with each book of hers that I read. I really enjoy the stories she tells and the way she tells them. "Head in the Clouds" did not fail. Who knew you cold live your life by the clouds! I have read most of her books and so look forward to reading the rest of them. If you like Christian Historical you will love her books as much as I do.

Books Can Be Deceiving by Jenn McKinlay - Review of the first book in the Library Lover's Mystery series

What is the only word in the English language that ends in -mt?

Answering tricky reference questions like this one is more than enough excitement for recently single librarian Lindsey Norris. That is until someone in her coy new hometown of Brian Creek, Connecticut, commits murder, and the most pressing question is whodunit...

Lindsey is just getting into her groove as the director of the Briar Creek Public Library when a vacationing New York editor brings a little buzz to the small town. It's the perfect chance for her friend Beth to sell the children's book she's written. Unfortunately, Beth's boyfriend, Rick, a famous author and local celebrity, tries to stop her. When Lindsey and Beth meet the editor, they uncover the real reason for Rick's bad attitude...

They go to confront Rick at his house on the storied and mysterious Thumb Islands, only to find him murdered. The local chief of police likes Beth for the murderer and isn't interested in looking elsewhere. Now Lindsey has to act fast before they throw the book at the wrong person...

The cozy mystery titles really make me want to read them, they are such catchy titles, but the one series I tried, I just could not get into it. I read two books but no more. My daughter gave me this book and I enjoyed it much more. I am looking forward to reading the next one in the series to see if it will pull me into the 'cozy mystery phase'. So, yes this was a positive experience for me so far, looking forward to reading "Due or Die".

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Huckleberry Harvest by Jennifer Beckstrand - Review of the fifth book in The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series

When Mandy Helmuth hears that her best friend Kristina's heart has been broken, she decides to visit her grandparents and cheer her up. Mandy never liked Noah Mischler anyway, with his rough exterior and outspoken ways. Unfortunately, she can't avoid him--especially after he saves her life...

If he weren't helping Felty with home repairs, Noah would be more than happy to stay away from uppity Mandy Helmuth. Of course, then he wouldn't have been able to rescue her--and she wouldn't have had the chance to discover the real Noah beneath the tough persona--the one she falls in love with...

I'm sorry if I'm repeating myself but I LOVE THIS SERIES! It just makes me giggle and the love that Jennifer writes about just pulls you into their life. This book probably touched me a little more as it talks about something my dad, and a lot of his family members, dealt with in his life, alcoholism, and parents seperating! My parents were divorced but I still saw my dad when we wanted to or when he wanted, or could, see my brother and me. It wasn't always a fun time! I also found myself crying at times while reading. These books are so good that I have trouble putting them down. I see the sixth book, "Huckleberry Hearts" comes out on November 24th! I think this is the only series I've ever pre-ordered books in and I've already done that twice, will probably do it again, it is on pre-order right now for paperback or the Kindle. Yes, this is another MUST read! ! !

The Beekeeper's Son by Kelly Irvin - Review of the first book in the Amish of Bee County Series

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Phineas King knows better than to expect anything but shock and pity wherever he shows his face. Horribly scarred from the tragic accident that claimed his mother's life, he chooses to keep his distance from everyone, focusing his time and energy on the bees his family raises. If no one sees him, no one can judge him. So why does he start finding excuses to seek out Deborah Lantz, the beautiful new arrival in town?

Deborah can't get out of Bee County, Texas, soon enough. Once her mother and younger siblings are settled, she is on the first bus out of this dusty town. She is only waiting on the letter from Aaron, asking her to return to lush Tennessee to be his fraa. But that letter never comes. As she spends time getting to know Phineas--hoping to uncover the man beneath the scars--she begins to realize that she no longer minds that Aaron hasn't sent for her.

As both Deborah and Phineas try to come to terms with lives that haven't turned out the way they imagined, they discover that perhaps Gott's plans for them are more extraordinary than they could have dreamed. But they need to let go of their own past sorrows and disappointments to find the joy and beauty that lies just ahead for them both.

Yep, another great book by Kelly. I've had this on my Kindle for a while, really wanted it in paperback, and finally 'picked' it out of my TBR list. I felt that it would be a good story and I was right, oh how I love it when I'm right about a book! Many of us have scars, some just aren't visible, unfortunately Phineas's were visible and Kelly does a wonderful job telling the story of how the characters get over their scars and disappointments in life. I will hopefully not wait so long to read the second book in the series, "The Bishop's Son", the paperback is on pre-order right now and it is due out on September 29th but I can't find anything on the Kindle edition. Purchase/Borrow, read and enjoy this book soon if you have not done so yet.