Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Heart's Pursuit by Robin Lee Hatcher - Review

Silver Matlock and Jared Newman know traveling together is a bad idea. Bad for Silver's already tarnished reputation in her small Colorado town. Bad for bounty hunter Jared's secret, single-minded mission for revenge. But Silver is determined to track down the rogue who left her at the alter and stole the last remnant of her father's fortune. And Jared's in a hurry to hunt down the murderer who destroyed his family--even if Silver is too distractingly beautiful for comfort.

The pair takes off over mountain and desert, past bleak homesteads and raw mining towns, hot on the trail of the two villains who took what wan't theirs to take. Soon supplies dwindle, secrets emerge, and suspicions arise, putting Silver and Jared at odd when they need each other most. To confront an enemy deadlier than desert rattlesnakes and rocky cliffs, Silver and Jared must learn to forgive and trust and face the question they haven't dared voice: What happens next?

I started out feeling sorry for Silver, for more reasons than one, then admired her for her fearlessness to go after what belonged to her family at all cost. Jared's reason for becoming a bounty hunter was heart wrenching and I liked how he allowed Silver to travel with him, he felt he didn't have a choice, even though he knew he shouldn't. Robin kept me on the edge of my seat at times, sometimes I found myself thinking she shouldn't to do that, she has to do something, he told her not to, DARN, I can't tell you if she did or not, you'll have to read the book! The book moves right along even though there wasn't much talkig to each other except for one giving orders and the other taking orders, or does she?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An Unforgivable Secret by J.E.B. Spredemann - Review of the first book in the Amish Secrets series

Hannah has a good life. A beautiful home, a loving husband and a wonderful Amish community are only a few of her daily blessings. But she has carried a heavy burden for years:  a secret that no one must know. When tragedy strikes, her secret threatens to be revealed jeopardizing everything she's ever loved. Will Hannah be able to face her greatest fear and find God's purpose for her life?

This is the first book that I've read by J.E.B. Spredemann and I really enjoyed it. This story really tugs at your heart and will bring tears to your eyes. She shows how you can turn your life around from the lowest point to feeling like you are one of the most blessed. Hannah goes through many bumps in the road and this story shows how those bumps, hills, and mountains can make you stronger if you just have faith in God. There is a second book in this series "A Secret Encounter", I'm sure I'll be reading it. I read this on my Kindle but both books are available in paperback also.

Forever Amish by Kate Lloyd - Review of the third book in the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy

Sally Bingham needs some time away to sort through the changes in her life and to rethink her upcoming marriage. Despite her ailing father's hesitations, she drives to Lancaster County for a weekend away. But her best-laid plans leave her in a near collision with a bishop's buggy and in the home of a mysterious Amish woman named Lizzie. Lizzie introduces her to a different perspective on life, a charming farmhand named Armin--and opens a Pandora's box that will forever change Sally's life.

The last book in the Legacy of Lancaster trilogy, "Forever Amish" introduces us to a young woman about to uncover a shocking secret and find an invitation to a new way of living. This story of forgiveness, legacies, and th ties that bind through generations.

Another great book to end this series. Have you ever been in a position of trusting that one special person in your life to always be honest with you, then you find out they have done nothing but lie to you about the one question you repeatedly asked them, for your whole life? Kate has concluded this series of finding yourself in a completely different lifestyle than you were raised and having to make the hardest decision of your life, where do you belong, wonderfully. If you like a good Amish story with a twist, you have it in this book, this series. I am looking for more great stories from Kate.

Love Finds You in Hope, Kansas by Pamela Griffin - Review

Fashionable Easterner Alison Stripling is shocked to receive a letter from her late sister's husband in Hope, Kansas, pleading for help with his six children. The letter gives Alison a chance to escape her troubles in Boston, and the name of the town seems like a sign from God for a fresh start. But when she arrives at a rustic cabin on the prairie, she's in for a bigger shock:  Rafe Munroe didn't write the letter at all! Realizing the children are determined to pair them off, Rafe and Alison secretly join forces to prove the idea would neer work. Can Hope's cupids--all six of them--strike love's arrows into the hearts of their pa and Miss Alison?

I must tell you that this book sounded so familiar to me, like I'd read it before, but if I have it was before August of 2011 as that is when I started posting reviews. Anyway, I really enjoyed this book, even if this is possibly the second time I've read it. The kids are desperate and just when the adults think they have pulled one over on the kids, STOP, things are getting out of control, lol. A nice read when you need something to give you a laugh once in a while. Thank you Pamela for a lovely story.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Silent Order by Melanie Dobson - Review

Rural America - 1928. After the murder of his partner, Detective Rollin Wells hides away in an Amish home near Sugarcreek, Ohio, to find out who in the police force is collaborating with Cleveland's notorious mob.

While Rollin searches for answers to his partner's death, he befriends an elusive young Amish woman named Katie and her young son. As Rollin learns about Katie's past, he's shocked at the secret Katie is hiding - a secret that has haunted Rollin for eight years.

I have read several of Melanie's books and always enjoyed them as I did this one. It was really good and kept me on the edge of my seat at times. What a different story line for an Amish book, it kept me captivated throughout. If you like a good mystery and/or Amish stories I think you will enjoy this book. Good job Melanie.

Huckleberry Summer by Jennifer Beckstrand - Review of the second book in The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill

With one on their grandchildren happily married, Anna and Felty Helmuth are ready for their next matchmaking success. Because there's nothing more rewarding than sparking unexpected love--and putting Huckleberry Hill, Wisconsin, on the map for romance...

Cautious to a fault, Lily Eicher strives to live up to her dat's high standards. She's certainly not the kind of proper Amish girl who would make time for someone as impetuous as the Helmouths' grandson, Aden--even if his lively spirit and caring ways are showing her just how wonderful following her heart can be...

Recklessly doing the right thing got Aden into big trouble. A fresh start at his grandparents' is just what he needs. And shy, pretty Lily is turning his world upside down and making him want to prove he can do good within the rules. But now both must find enough faith and understanding to risk pursuing their dreams--together...

I gotta say, I love Anna, she is a delight! Jennifer did another fantastic job of pulling me in and giving me some more giggles. I didn't want to put this book down and I'm so anxious for "Huckleberry Christmas" and "Huckleberry Spring" to come out. These are some of the best Amish books I've read and would really encourage others to read this series. Thank you Jennifer for giving me some smiles and giggles.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

An Amish Garden, an omnibus of novels by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Tricia Goyer and Vannetta Chapman - Review


Rooted in Love by Beth Wiseman
Rosemary Lantz is doing her best to run her family's household. She excels at all her tasks except one: gardening. Saul Petersheim has pursued her for years, but Rosemary keeps turning him down. What Saul doesn't know is that she has good reason--something no one can know--especially him.

Flowers for Rachael by Kathleen Fuller
Rachael Bontrager's flower garden is beautiful, but she's lonely. Gideon Beiler fell in love with her almost at first sight. One day Rachael finds her garden in shambles, but she won't accept Gideon's offers of help. She must learn that she doesn't have to do everything on her own--God is in control.

Seeds of Love by Tricia Goyer
Sadie Chupp finds her greatest joy in the greenhouses of her Montana community. A company is interested in buying her heirloom seeds, but they are the only things she has left from her deceased parents. Eli Plank is a traveling bachelor who believes he can help Sadie, but a misunderstanding leaves her heartbroken. Will she trust him again and let the seeds of a new relationship take root?

Where Healing Blooms by Vannetta Chapman
When Widow Emma Hochstetter discovers a runaway teenager in her barn, and the bishop asks her to provide a haven for a local woman and her two children, she finds her quiet life interrupted. Then her mother-in-law, Mary Ann, reveals one of her garden's hidden secrets, something very unexpected.

I can't say enough about how much I love these omnibus novels. I like that the stories are short and they usually have one thing in common which is nice. There was one that I thought had a slow start, not naming titles, lol, but it ended up being just as good as the other three. I would like to thank the authors for doing these. I like longer books and enjoy series of books, it's just nice to read something like this once in awhile. Each of these authors did a great job!

Branding the Wrangler's Heart by Davalynn Spencer - Review

When cattle go missing from the Bar-HB Ranch, the tenacious foreman will stop at nothing to find them. But his boss's granddaughter, Olivia Hartman, is more than Whit bargained for. Once the victim of Whit's childhood pranks, Livvy has grown into a feisty beauty.

Livvy can't forget the way Whit used to tease her. Even worse, he doesn't think she's capable of helping in the roundup. She could stay mad at him forever--if he wouldn't act all sweet toward her. But when he literally rides to her rescue, Livvy starts to wonder whether her old enemy might turn out to be much more than a friend.

A very enjoyable quick read, I like these Heartsong Presents books, they aren't very long and I haven't found any that don't have a good storyline. This is the first book by Davalynn that I've read and I will be looking for more. I would encourage you to try her books and check out more quick reads put out by Heartsong Presents. Thank you for a nice story that gave me a few giggles as I was reading.

Caught in the Middle by Regina Jennings - Review of the third book in the Ladies of Caldwell County series

The train to Garber, Texas, is supposed to bring life's next victory to Nicholas Lovelace. Instead, it gets held up by robbers who are thwarted by the last person Nick ever expected--Anne Tillerton from back home in Prairie Lea.

Anne's been hiding away as a buffalo hunter. She's only in Garber to find their runaway cook, but the woman flees--leaving Anne with her infant son. With Nick the only person Anne knows in Garber, the two form an unlikely team as they try to figure out what to do with the child.

But being in town means acting and dressing for polite society--and it's not going well for Anne. Meanwhile, Nick's work is bringing new pressures, and being seen with a rough-around-the-edges woman isn't helping his reputation. Caught between their own dreams, a deepening relationship, and others' expectations, can the pair find their way to love?

Oh my, this is another winner from Regina. I have really enjoyed this series and this book is wonderful. Anne has had such a hard life and is such a strong person, I love her story. I would really encourage you to read this series, each book is better than the previous one. Great job Regina, I really do enjoy your writing!

Wyoming Promises by Kerri Mountain - Review


A Place to Call Home
Traveling through the Wyoming wilderness, all Bridger Jamison wants is a job and a safe haven for his brother. Finding work with the lovely Lola Martin solves at least oneof his problems. And the charming town of Quiver Creek seems like the perfect place to start a new life.

A string of mysterious deaths has the town--and Lola--on edge. She isn't sure what to make of the new man in town. But she can't help trusting the handsome carpenter who shows such tenderness toward his brother. When secrets come to light, Lola must put her faith in the man who's stolen her heart, or risk letting a perfect love pass her by...

What a great book, how can it not be when there are secrets, murders and don't forget love. Kerri did a wonderful job of keeping me interested and in a hurry to figure it all out. If you like historical romances you will enjoy this book. Yep, hurry up and run out to buy it, borrow it, just don't steal it, lol.