Thursday, September 29, 2016

Plain Truth by Debby Giusti - Review of the tenth book in the Military Investigations series

When widowed doctor Ella Jacobsen is attacked and left for dead in her children's clinic, the peace she's found in Georgia's Amish country is shattered. Someone is after something in her clinic and wants her out of the way...but what are they looking for? Ella knows only that her life is in the hands of army special agent Zach Swain. Zach can't resist the vulnerable but headstrong Ella, who stares down danger to care for the people she loves. With one look, the loner soldier goes from investigator to protector. To save Ella, he must uncover the secrets that swirl around the idyllic community. And he needs to do it fast, because Ella is running out of time.

I have read several books by Debby and have been pleased with each one. This was a great story about the Englisch and how they are trying to help Amish children with a disorder that is not often found in Englisch children. Debby kept me very interested in this story of Ella's survival so I can highly recommend this as a great book.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Bee In Her Bonnet by Jennifer Beckstrand - Review of the second book in The Honeybee Sisters Series

Their bees produce the most delectable honey in all of Wisconsin. and the three Christner girls are fondly known as The Honeybee Sister throughout their peaceful Amish community--where their spirited sweetness is attracting any number of hopeful suitors...

Lively, determined, and independent, Poppy Christner isn't about to let some vandal keep making mischief on her family's farm. She's been outrunning boys and standing up for picked-on children ever since she wa a girl--no matter how much her prideful, arrogant schoolmate Luke Bontrager insulted her. So Poppy certainly doesn't need his interference now, especially since he's made it plain he prefers demure, ladylike companions. In fact, if Luke doesn't stop helping her find the culprit--and growing humble and remorseful--she'll be forced to notice how handsome his change-of-heart is making him. And that could mean falling in love--maybe for a lifetime...

Once again I am repeating myself here, I love Jennifer's books! She did not fail me yet again. This author has such a way with words that you just can't put the book down, unless you get so tired you fall asleep and drop it, lol. I didn't find myself with as many giggles in this story but Aunt B, Bitsy, is still a character to reckon with and according to her never feed a man because he'll keep coming back. She put her life on hold to raise the three Christner girls and someone is out to get them, but which one Bitsy or one of the girls. I have not figured it out yet, I have some ideas, but still guessing so will be watching for "Like a Bee to Honey" to be released August 30, 2016 and see if I get an answer with that book!

I started reading Jennifer's book with "Huckleberry Hill" and have read every one of her books since, even pre-ordered some which I 'never' have done before! I do have to go back and pick up her first series Forever in Apple Lake so read.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Until I Love Again by Jerry S. Eicher - Review of the second book in The St. Lawrence County Amish series

Susanna Miller's freedom during her rumspringa goes a bit further than she wants her family to know. A birthday sign innocently placed on a gas station billboard condemns Susanna as she realizes her relationship with the charming Joey Macalister, an Englisha man, has become far too close.

Her daett is not pleased, but what he hasn't told her is that he himself has regrets about events from his own rumspringa. Widower Ernest Helmuth knows Ralph Miller's secret, but he has said nothing as of yet. He plans on having Susanna as his bride no matter what.

with her baptism approaching, Susanna knows that the time is running out to make her choice: stay with her family or hope she can find love in the Englisha world. With Ernest Helmuth watching, that decision might not be hers to make.

Is Susanna's faith strong enough to make the right choice!

OH MY, OH MY, OH MY! It has been a while since I've read one of Jerry's books and boy have I been missing out. Susanna's story made my heart bleed! Why would she be blamed for a sin that was not even committed by her? Not only does her family treat her differently but the community even seems to reject her, except for a man she does not love. Will her faith be enough for her to stay? This is a MUST read, one you will not want to put down until you discover which direction her life goes.

Thank you to Harvest House Publishers and Jerry S. Eicher for providing this book for review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

Wyoming Wildflowers Trilogy Boxed Set (3 Books in 1) by Patricia McLinn - Review, includes Almost a Bride, Match Made in Wyoming and My Heart Remembers

(taken from

Wyoming Wildflowers Trilogy
Book 1 -- Almost a Bride (Indian Paintbrush)
Book 2 -- Match Made in Wyoming (Fireweed)
Book 3 -- My Heart Remembers (Bur Marigold)
Wildflowers have to be strong and resilient to bloom amid the rudded beauty of Wyoming -- and so do the women

Dave Currick was everything Matty Brennan wanted for as long as she could remember. Right up until he broke her heart six years ago. Now that she's returned to Wyoming for good, what she wants more than anything is to save her family's ranch. Even if that means swallowing her pride and asking Dave to marry her.

Matty's up to something -- Dave knows that much. Just as he knows that Matty needs help, so of course he'll provide it. Doing what's best for Matty is second nature. Even when it comes to marrying her in name only. Although he can't resist one hot-blooded kiss after the I-do's -- a kiss as fiery as the flame-red Indian Paintbrush that's always reminded him of Matty.

Maybe -- just maybe -- his Matty will become more to him than Almost a Bride.

When fire ravages Wyoming land, Fireweed is among the first plants to return, brightening the blighted area with the joy of its blooms. Can Taylor Anne Larsen pull off a similar miracle for the pain-ravaged heart and disbelieving soul of ranch foreman Cal Ruskoff? Armed with the same grace and grit as the wildflower Fireweed, Taylor also has allies -- a matchmaking friend, the Wyoming winter, high-octane mutual attraction, and a rescued puppy who slips past Cal's defenses.

Cal might give in to passion temporarily, but from behind the wall he's built around his past and his secrets, he's certain Taylor is all that he can't let himself have. And he'll use all his weapons to keep her out.

Lisa Currick was once as bright and open as the sunny Bur Marigold wildflower of her native Wyoming. That's how New York City Detective Shane Garrison has remembered her since she figured in his first investigation eight years ago. But when he arrives in her hometown determined to resolve the final element of that case, he discovers the girl he's remembered has become a very different woman

I must say that I have not read anything by Patricia before and I really did enjoy the storyline. She did a great job of pulling me in. That being said there is nothing in the 'back of the book blurb' to mention how much sex is involved in her writing, I normally don't read books with a lot of sex. If the story was not so interesting I would not have finished the trilogy, so that tells you that she has a way with words. So depending on what you like, you may love this book or you may really enjoy the story and go as fast as you can over the sexual scenes. I am giving this three stars because of the sexual content, the stories deserve four to five stars I think.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Love Made New by Kathleen Fuller - Review of the third book in An Amish of Birch Creek series

Abigail Schrock knows God can make all things new, but does that include her broken heart?

It seems as if everyone is falling in love in Birch Creek, including Abigail Schrock. But when heartbreak descends on her already fragile world, she can't help but feel that if she'd only been a little prettier, she could be on her way down the aisle. To make matters worse, Abigail's two sisters have found love, and all Abigail can seem to find is the chocolate she has stashed away in the pantry.

Asa Bontrager has never had trouble with the ladies in his Amish community--his good loks have always gotten him far. Which is why he's baffled by the call he's received from God to pursue Abigail, a woman who seems determined to turn him away.

Can Abigail find the peace and joy she so desperately desires? Will she allow herself to stop running and melt into the embrace of unforeseen comfort? If she does, she ma discover a love powerful enough to restore her hope in a promising future.

A great book with a several women with a strong faith and a lot a patience with how their lives are progressing. One has relied on her faith for over 15 years, some are just beginning their journey. Two men are learning to listen to God and the women they love. Yes, this was a wonderful book with quite a bit going on, making it hard to put down. I can highly recommend this as an enjoyable book to read and maybe even learn a little about faith as you do so.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Sweet As Honey by Jennifer Beckstrand - Review of the first book in The Honeybee Sisters series

Smart, kind, and good-hearted, the three Christner girls are affectionately known as The Honeybee Sisters in the beloved Wisconsin Amish community where, under the care of their aunt, they've grown into skilled beekeepers--and lovely, sought-after young women...

Though she has blossomed into a beauty, Lily Christner doesn't really believe it. Deep down, she still feels like a lonely, gawky teenager. Maybe that's why she's all but promised herself to Paul Glick, the one boy who never teased her in her awkward girlhood--unlike Dan Kanagy, whose creative name-calling left her in tears many a time. Now he's back in town after two years away--and being surprisingly sweet, suspiciously attentive--and making Lily unsettlingly yet deliciously nervous. It seems Dan wants Lily's forgiveness--and her heart. But can he convince her--not to mention her protective schwesters and aendi--that despite the past, her future lies with him?...

A favorite author, a new series, and already looking forward to the next book! This was a delightful book and has just a touch of mystery and a few giggles. Jennifer never fails to pull my into her books and anxiously looking for more! Aendi Bitsy, also know as "B", is the character in this series that keeps things interesting, lol. Thank you Jennifer for another great book and I highly recommend it as a great read!

The Rails to Love Romance Collection by Amanda Cabot, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Lisa Carter, Ramona K Cecil, Lynn A Coleman, Susanne Dietre, Connie Stevens & Liz Tolsma - Review

(taken from
Journey the Transcontinental Railroad along with nine unlikely couples who encounter all the danger and disappointments of traveling the rails in the late 1800's. From sight-seeing excursions to transports toward new lives, from orphan trains to circus trains, can romances develop into blazing love in a world of cold, hard steel?

Great stories and some great authors that are among my favorites, plus some authors that are new to me. I love the collection books because you get such a variety of short stories and different writing styles. Of course there are some you like more than others but I've never been disappointed in any that I've read, and I have read several. This book is worth taking a look at to add to your wish list, tbr pile, etc., I don't think you will be disappointed either.

This book is due out on October 1, 2016 and you can pre-order it today on Amazon for $7.57, regular price will be $14.99.

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