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The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter - Review of the second book in A Big Sky Romance series

The Accidental Bride
A Big Sky Romance
(Second book in the series)
by Denise Hunter

Shay and Travis have a history, not a good history, and Shay wants nothing to do with him when he returns to Moose Creek, Montana. She's been successful in avoiding him so far.

Every year the town has a Founders Day celebration and they pick two residents for a reenactment of the founders wedding. This year they asked Shay to represent the bride, against her better judgement she agreed to it. Shay just knew the whole town would remember the first time she was seen in town in a wedding gown, it was when her and Travis had gone to Wyoming to elope. They got to the courthouse and they thought about rings, Travis decided he wanted Shay to have a ring so he dropped her off and told her to wait right there while he ran to K Mart to get a ring. Travis headed back to K Mart, got cold feet and just kept driving and returned to his first love, the rodeo. Shay did wait, and waited, and waited some more. She finally gave up and called her parents to come and get her, they refused since she was foolish enough to elope. She finally got home by taking the bus and it seemed like everyone in town was there when she got off the bus in her wedding gown.

To prove to the town that she was over Travis she married Garrett and they had a baby girl, Olivia. Garrett eventually left Shay and Olivia for his first love, music. So now it is just the two of them, Shay and Olivia, 12 years old, they are struggling with money and about to lose Shay's family farm.

She reluctantly gets dressed in the Prudence Adams's wedding gown expecting to see Riley Raines standing in for the groom. As she makes her way to the altar at Bridal Falls, she's looking for him but can't see him for the crowd. Little does she know that Riley refused to do the job because of his jealous girlfriend Miss Teasley. Instead, there stands the one person she wants to avoid at all costs, Travis!

After the ceremony Travis gets a marriage certificate in the mail showing that he and Shay are now married. How can that be, this was just a reenactment, they didn't sign any papers, and my oh my, what is Shay going to say about this? Sparks do fly in this book, angry ones and loving ones. 

Most of us do seem to live in the past when someone mistreats us, dishonors us, etc. and it's easy to say you forgive them, the problem is forgetting so we can move on and maybe even be friends again. Are Travis and Shay able to do this? Guess you'll have to read and find out which sparks will win out.

I received this book not doing my research and didn't know that it was the second one in the series, I now have to get the first book, A Cowboy's Touch, and find out about everything that did happen in the past instead of just the highlights.

This book is highly recommended by me.

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  1. so glad you said it was a series..i hate reading them out of order..great review...Happy Holidays!