Monday, June 25, 2012

Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings - Review

Rosa and Louise Garner returned to Louise's home in Priarie Lea, Texas. Louise, her husband Eli and son Mack rented their property in Texas and had moved to Ciauhtlaz, Mexico. Rosa's mother encouraged her to help the Americanos and as she grew to know them, so did her interest in their religion and her parents' disapproval. Eli didn't like the way the pagan girl, Netnetl and Mack got along so he suggested Rosa marry Mack. Being without her own family, due to her no longer worshiping Santa Muerte, Saint Death, she accepted the offer to marry Mack, even though she knew that he loved Netnetl. She believed that Mack would learn to love her, but he never did. Eli and Mack worked in the mines and when there was an explosion Mack made it out alive and went straight to Netnetl, not Rosa, then he went back in looking for his father and neither one came back out. She then felt she'd stolen the love that belonged to someone else and this was her punishment, married less than a month and her husband is now dead.

Rosa loved the Garner family and would do anything for her widowed mother-in-law and returned to Prairie Lea with her to try and save the family property. When they arrived in town they went to the courthouse and found out that the tenants hadn't paid the taxes for the four years they lived there and Rosa and Louise would have to come up with $160.00 in three months, by August 15th. Rosa worked day and night trying to earn the money.

Weston Garner, Mack's cousin, lived nearby but was rarely around and quite the loner since his wife had died, he felt like he was to blame for her death. He helped his family as much as he could in any way possible. From the time he and Rosa met they kept their distance. Rosa felt guilt and she didn't deserve any happiness so she was satisfied living with Louise on Garner land. Weston felt the same about himself because he married Cora, a city girl, and brought her to this country and she ended up dying in his care. The problem is they could each feel an attraction for the other but kept pushing it away.

It's August 14th and they don't have enough money, even with selling the chickens Rosa brought with her, so Louise tells Rosa part of the story of Naomi and Ruth and how Ruth went to Boaz. Rosa didn't want to do this but there was no other way, she didn't know the whole story but went to the barn where Weston slept anyway. She slept in the hay but he didn't stay there with her. When she was returning home in the morning filthy Jay Tillerton, a brute that abused his wife, had tried to rape Rosa and threatened her more than once, caught her on the trail. Luckily one of Weston's men was close enough to see Tillerton confront Rosa and sent him packing, but since she was seen leaving Weston's barn, Rosa's protector that day told Weston. Now all he could do was to marry her to save her reputation, even though nothing happened between them, and pay the property off so Tillerton couldn't get his hands on Garner property.

Rosa feeling guilty about what she did very reluctantly married Weston but was determined to pay him back the money he paid in back taxes and then they could divorce. Molly, who thought she was going to get Weston to marry her tried to talk Rosa into filing for an annulment. After thinking about it Rosa thought that would be the best for both parties.

There is so much to this story, I haven't even touched it in this review. So much happens up to this point that I want you to read for yourself, and even a lot more after. I loved this book. It shows how you can be so wrong if you don't let your thoughts be known and what you may lose, your heart and a happy future. Don't be afraid to trust God and listen to what your heart is telling you. Great job Regina!

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