Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chasing the Sun by Tracie Peterson - Review

When Hannah Dandridge's father lost his second wife he made Hannah break off her engagement and take care of Andy and Marty, her half-brother and sister. He made things worse for her by moving them to Texas where he became partners with Herbert Lockhart. In return for the work Hannah's father did he got ownership to the Barnett property. The Barnett's left Texas to fight with the north so the property was considered abandoned. William Barnett only went because his father ordered him to, he didn't believe in war and wanted to stay on the ranch but did as his father told him.

Hannah's father had to return to Mississippi because his mother was ill and there wasn't any family left in Mississippi since Hannah's grandfather and brother had been killed in the war. She was left to care for Andy and Marty at the ranch as they waited for his return. Herbert took it upon himself to watch over the Dandridge children, he really wanted to marry Hannah but didn't want the children underfoot when they married.

William Barnett made his way home after being shot in the leg and losing his father and brother in the war. It took a long time as he had to travel at night by foot and travel was slow due to his injury. He finally reaches his ranch to find it doesn't belong to him any longer. Hannah allows him to sleep in the bunkhouse with the help, how can she kick him off of the property that he used to own and thinks he still has a right to.

Herbert informs Hannah that he's had news that her grandmother passed on before her father even arrived and has been laid to rest. Hannah is confused as to why her father hasn't written her or returned home and finally Herbert tells her about a letter he received stating that her father has died and included is a will stating that she is to marry him. He also tells her that she doesn't own the property because due to money problems her father had signed the land over to him before he left for Mississippi.

What is going to happen now, she doesn't own the land, Herbert Lockhart does and he's insisting the she and the kids move to town when they marry. William Barnett insists that he's still the owner and has asked a judge to look into it. Either way, she no longer has a home for her and the children and she's not ready to get married.

I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading the second one in the series. Andy has to learn to trust God after his father died and Hannah learns about forgiveness. This is the first book in the Land of the Lone Star series.

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