Thursday, October 25, 2012

Faithful to Laura by Kathleen Fuller - Review

Laura Stutzman came to Middlefield, OH to find the man who had pledged his love to her, then left leaving her with a broken heart, broken spirit, and with all of her family's money that they'd saved for 30 years. She blamed herself for the loss of the family savings and that's why she went looking for him, not because of her broken heart. When she did find him he attempted to kill her. Now she felt like she couldn't go home until she could earn the money to replace what they'd lost, but who would hire her looking the way she did now.

Sawyer Thompson, an Englisher, was adopted by Lucas and Anna Byler after his parents had died and he got abused while in foster homes. He loved his parents, biological and adoptive, he was allowed to mix both worlds and it was his decision as to whether he'd join the Amish Church or not.

Adam Otto's parents still are not talking to each other but Emma has agreed to marry him. Emma's grandma is happy for them but Adam's parents are showing no excitement over what he felt they had always wanted. When he told his mom and she told him to tell his dad, when Adam finds him, all he can talk about is Adam's time living as an Englisher. Adam admits to sleeping with a girl twice, so his dad tells him that he has to inform Emma. Deciding his father is right, Adam goes to Emma, Emma doesn't know quite how to handle this information until she has a talk with her grandmother.

Leona, Emma's grandma, goes to talk to Norman, Adam's dad, and tells him that he has to share his secret with his wife. Norman follow's Leona's advice and confesses his sin to Carol, but they are still two people living separately in one house and trying, although not doing a very good job of it, to hide what is now their secret from their son.

Laura gets a job working for Lucas Byler and isn't working their very long when Cora Easley bursts onto the scene and disrupts the happy Byler family. She's trying to get Sawyer to leave and move to New York with her, claiming to be his grandmother. Cora goes so far as to pay Laura off so she'll help convince Sawyer to go with her.

This was a great read with a several story lines intertwined somewhat. Kathleen really held my interest with this one. You will have to run out and get this book because you really have to see what the secrets are, does Laura ever confront the thief that stole her heart and the family savings and is Cora really Sawyers grandmother. Wonderful writing Kathleen.

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