Thursday, December 6, 2012

Whispers in the Wind by Lauraine Snelling - Review of the 2nd book in the Wild West Wind series

Cassie Lockwood has found the land of her Father's dreams. She has brought along some friends, Chief, Micah and Runs Like a Deer. Upon locating the land she finds a family living there by the name of Engstrom. Adam Lockwood and Ivar Engstrom were co-owners of the land but when Adam won half of the Wild West Show from Jason Talbot in a poker game he moved on, with plans of returning someday. That day never came but Cassie did return to a land she never knew.

Mavis and Ivar had four children with three of them still living there with her, Ransom, Lucas and Gretchen. The children were never told that there was another name on the title of the land and they are not happy to just be finding out about it. It doesn't really bother Gretchen much because she is in love with Cassie's horse, Wind Dancer but Ransom is beside himself and Lucas, well Lucas is a ladies man so to speak and had seen Cassie in town and fell in love with her even before he knew who she was.

With both Adam and Ivar passed on the boys are afraid of what is going to happen now that they have a 'new' co-owner, does she plan on taking everything they have worked all of their lives for? Ransom has been talking about reopening the gold mine and panning for gold but Lucas wants to sell the property and move on. With Cassie showing up everything is even more up in the air, she has no interest in Lucas and wants to live on the land of her Father's dreams.

Mavis loves Cassie from the time she lays eyes on her and insists she will live on the property, she and her companions will live up the hill where the old (original) cabin was built but needs a lot of repair work done, the two women in the cabin and the two men in the Wild West Show wagon. That is until the townspeople that don't like the Indians come out making trouble.

This book was even better than the first one and it still leaves you hanging. I will say again that I love Lauraine's books and you will not go wrong if you invest in this series.

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  1. This sounds like a great book!
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