Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Promise Box by Tricia Goyer - Review of the second book in the Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors series

Lydyia Wyse left the Amish to live in the Englisch world because once she was told the truth about how she was conceived, she just didn't feel like she belonged. She called her parents some and visited them even less but when her mem passes away she returns for her funeral and is soon feeling like this is where she needs to be. She can feel God in her life again, some of that is because of her mem's promise box.

Gideon Hooley is a bachelor who has come to Montana to establish residency so he can hunt and when he sees Lydia taking pictures of an Amish home from the road, he runs over and demand she stop immediately. Little does he know that she is taking a picture of her own parents home.

Lydia and Gideon both have pasts that are troubling them. Lydia knows what happened in her past but is having a problem dealing with it. Gideon knows what happened to him but is looking for the secret that his parents are keeping from him. They are fast becoming friends but she's Englisch and he's Amish, his family would never approve. He's honest with her but she just can't tell him her true feelings about what she's doing.

By the end of the story you may need some tissues, yes, depending on how emotional you get, it can be a tear jerker. I found this book more enjoyable than The Memory Jar but would recommend both to you. Tricia did a wonderful job here, read and enjoy!


  1. I always enjoy a good tear-jerker. :) Thank you for the review!