Sunday, June 2, 2013

To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer - Review

Levi Grant has a past, he's killed a man and spent time in prison, now he's trying to start over. He found the Lord in prison, should I say he found him again since he was raised with the Lord in his life. The only one in Spencer, Texas that knows of his past is the preacher who is helping him get started as the new blacksmith for the town.

Eden Spencer has a past that the whole town knows about, a town named after her family, and has turned from looking for a husband to running a library. She has to approve the new blacksmith but isn't sure about him because of his hesitant way of talking. Finally after he offers a one month trial period, Eden agrees to let him take over.

The sheriff 'considers' himself engaged to Eden, Eden shuns him every time he tries to act possesive. Levi is beginning to be a thorn in the sheriff's side. Eden refuses to let Levi borrow books from the library because she doesn't want him coming in regularly to exchange books. He won't even say her name, calls her Ma'am even after she insists he call her Miss Spencer because Ma'am makes her feel decrepit. Her plan backfires though because he comes in daily so he can sit and read, I mean, if you can't take the book home and you want to read that is the only way, but she can't take back the two week residency requirement now.

When the sheriff begins to feel really threatened by Levi's presence and he has found out about his past, his plan to bring Levi down is soon set into motion, will it work to get him to leave town or be reincarcerated?

I really liked this book, and would recommend it to others. I have read other books by Karen and started a new one already, Short-Straw Bride and I have Stealing the Preacher in my stack of to read books.


  1. I read this one a couple months ago and found it enjoyable. I thought Levi's speech impediment was particularly interesting, especially the way he handled it. I caught myself trying to think how I would speak if I tried to eliminate the letter S from any of my spoken words! For sure, it would not be easy!

    I've also read Short-Straw Bride, and it's another winner! :)

  2. Valerie, I did the same thing with Levi's speech, I think Karen did a wonderful job of dealing with his lisp. I'm over half done with Short-Straw Bride and am totally enjoying it also.