Saturday, July 27, 2013

Along Wooded Paths by Tricia Goyer - Review of the second book in A Big Sky Novel series

Marianna Sommer is still in Montana helping her family, at least that's what she says. She is really trying to figure out where she belongs, in Indiana with Aaron Zook or in Montana with Ben. Ben, an Englischer, has led her to believe differently about God but she still plans to stay Amish. Things get even more complicated when Aaron shows up in Montana unexpectedly. Marianna finds out by hearing than an Amish man was in an accident and is hurt in the hospital, his name is Aaron Zook and he's from Indianna.

Marianna's dad gets him out of the hospital and Aaron is now staying with them, his leg is in a cast and he won't be able to walk for several weeks, and taking her bedroom. Now she has both of the men she thinks she loves in the same town and finds her heart changing daily, if not more often.

Who will Marianna end up with? She feels like she really does love Ben but unless he becomes Amish it will be impossible to marry him. Then there's the days she feels that connection with Aaron that can't be broken and she's known him her whole life and has always planned on marrying him.

Tricia did a really good job keeping me in suspense on this one, and I have a feeling with the book ending as it did that things may change in the third book, "Beyond Hope's Valley". Way to leave us hanging! Anyone that likes Amish Fiction should read this series, I think you would really enjoy it.

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  1. This book sounds interesting! =) I enjoyed your review.

    I really like books by Tricia Goyer.