Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Season of Secrets & A Christmas to Die For by Marta Perry - Review

Season of Secrets
Years ago, Dinah Westlake witnessed the murder of her cousin, but lost all memories of theat night. Now, her cousin's husband, Marc Devlin, is back in town for a true Southern Christmas. But when recollections of the night start to resurface, Dinah will have to uncover whether Marc is a murderer or the man she loves.

A Christmas to Die For
Tyler Dunn comes to Rachel Hampton's family inn seeking justice for a decades-old crime. Rachel wants to trust the attractive architect, but he's too secretive--until a shocking link to her past is uncovered. Suddenly Christmas in Amish country is full of danger as Rachel finds herself the target of a killer...

I have read several books by Marta Perry and she did not fail me with this one. These two mysteries held my interest and kept me reading late into the night. Who says mysteries and Christmas don't go together, not I after reading these stories! If you like holiday stories and/or like mysteries I would recommend you find this book, take it home and read it, of course I expect you to pay for it first unless you find it in the library then you can check it out, lol, I know I'm glad I bought it.

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