Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Amish Ten Commandments (Complete Series Book 1-10) by Rebecca Byler - Review

(Special Christmas Edition)

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The Amish Ten Commandments is a fantastic collection of Amish Romance novels which are based on the ten commandments of the bible.

In this collection of stories, Amish men and women battle with their sinful human desires, their lives and their own strengths. They overcome their trespasses, find forgiveness from God and their fellow Amish men and falling in love in unexpected ways.

Yes, I enjoy reading Amish books. No, I have never read any books by Rebecca Byler before. Did I enjoy this set, absolutely! This is a 10 book set of short stories and she uses the same characters in all of the books which gives you a look at how each person changes and deals with different situations, all based on The Ten Commandments. I will be looking for more of Rebecca's books.

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