Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Collision of The Heart by Laurie Alice Eakes - Review, this was published as "The Professor's Heart"

Mia Roper isn't a typical nineteenth-century woman. Refusing to pass up the hard-won opportunity to prove herself as a journalist, she left Hillsdale, Michigan, hoping in vain that Ayden Goswell would follow her to Boston.

When the train bringing her back for her first major story crashes in a snowstorm outside town, Mia is stranded. Not even the survival of a fellow passenger, a toddler, can ease her heart's sudden ache at seeing Ayden, now a history professor at the local college, courting someone else.

Ayden's never gotten over the fact that the most fascinating woman he ever met chose her career over marriage . . . and he let her go. But marrying the department director's daughter could at least guarantee him a permanent job. It's a satisfactory arrangement, yet his kind, pretty bride-to-be has one simple flaw: she's not Mia.

As soon as the trains are running, Mia will be leaving again, unless she and Ayden can reconcile ambition and love--and take a leap of faith together.

I have read several of Laurie's books and usually really enjoy them but for some reason I had a hard time getting into this one. I was so looking forward to reading it too as I love the cover as well as the author. It may not be a fair review as I had/have a lot going on in my life right now and it is hard to enjoy anything so PLEASE take a chance on this book, the story is good but with all I have going on maybe the book was too busy for me right now. Maybe I will read it again when, and if, things calm down for me. Like I say I normally really enjoy Laurie's books, so it is probably just me right now.

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