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Brides of Amish Country by Patricia Davids - Review of Katie's Redemption, The Doctor's Blessing, An Amish Christmas and The Farmer Next Door

series by   Patricia Davids
Katie's Redemption,  The Doctor's Blessing,   An Amish Christmas, and   The Farmer Next Door

Shunning normally happens only if someone has already joined the Amish Church, but Katies brother shunned her even though she hadn't joined the Church yet. Malachi told Katie when she left his home that he would only let her return was if she got down on her knees and begged forgiveness. Katie now finds herself homeless, penniless, and pregnant without ever being married. She's willing to get down on her knees and beg that forgiveness for the sake of her unborn child, the only problem is, the man on the other side of the door is not her brother Malachi, it is Elam Sutter, the man Malachi sold his home to and moved to Kansas. Katies past is not a happy one, starting from the age of four and having to sleep in a room in the barn some nights as punishment for even minor 'misbehavior', and her future doesn't look real good either. She struggles with her faith and trust of others.
Amber loved her job as a nurse-midwife in Amish country and helping Dr Harold White in his office. Most of his patients are Amish. When Harold goes to visit his grandson Dr Phillip White in Hawaii, he hadn't even know he had a grandson until recently, they get into an argument the day before Harold is to return home and he ends up in the hospital for an extended period of time. Phillip puts his plans on hold and goes to take over his grandfathers practice for a couple of months until Harold can travel. Phillip doesn't know anything about the Amish or their ways and definitely doesn't believe in home deliveries, where does that leave Amber. She tries her best to convince him by explaining about the Amish, but he just doesn't think it's safe. By denying the Amish their 'choice' to deliver at home, he all but destroys his grandfather's practice. When Harold hears what's happening, he's fit to be tied and hopes he has a practice to return to when he's able.

Anna told her sister Karen that there was a dead man in the ditch as Karen was taking her to school. They were running late and Karen, not seeing anything went on to school. On her return trip she stopped to look and sure enough there was an unconscious Englischer in the ditch. She calls for an ambulance, when he wakes up he doesn't remember anything. Karen and Anna talk their Father into letting him live in the Dowdy house until he remembers who he is. He seems to know a lot about horses but nothing else. Little did Karen know how long it would take him to regain his memory and the feelings she (who had already joined the Church) would soon have for an Englischer.

Adrian Lapp lost his wife and son, Faith Martin, his new neighbor, is a widow trying to adopt her nephew and raises Alpaca. Adrian is 'introduced' to the Alpaca first by Myrtle spitting on him, when he confronts his new neighbor, because of his attitude, Faith neglects to inform him that when the spittle dries you can brust it right off, BUT the smell lingers for quite some time. Not only does Myrtle spit on Adrain, but when the Bishops wife meets Myrtle for the first time she spits on her. Will she ever live it down, everyone Faith meets from then on asks her if she's the one that raises Alpaca and did on REALLY spit on the Bishops wife, then laughs. She does get to have her nephew come to live with her, but every time the social worker comes for her visit, he runs away and he's afraid to let her know that he loves his Aunt Faith, because everytime you love someone you, or they, get taken away. After running away the third time, the social worker takes him away. Faith is heartbroken but knows she has to tell them she'd rather live Amish than give her faith up to live as an Englischer, even if that's what it would take to adopt Kyle. It doesn't end there though.

I would give this series 5 stars, a definite series to read.

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