Monday, September 19, 2011

One Call Away ~A Memoir~ by Brenda Warner - Review

One Call Away
by Brenda Warner
I thought this book sounded interesting so I chose it from BookSneeze to review. 
What an amazing journey Brenda has been on and it captivated me throughout. When we see people in the "spotlight", people with a lot of money, we forget sometimes that they may have led a hard life before reaching that point. It is also nice to hear about someone who hasn't forgotten the hard road they tread in life to get to where they are today. Brenda Warner is an inspiration for anyone that reads this book. 
It breaks your heart when she gets that first call, and then to find out the truth about what happened, not immediately, but 24 hours later. When she talks about volunteering to 'rock' babies, it just brings tears to your eyes. All the things that happen in between makes you wish you could be at least as half as strong as she is.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone regardless of what genre they read.

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