Monday, January 2, 2012

The Amish Knitting Circle by Karen Anna Vogel - Review of the first six volumes of this series

by Karen Anna Vogel

I just finished these short stories by reading the last two volumes this afternoon and evening, not steadily but while stopping to to other things too, the first four I read during the short drives to town and back only, so they took a while longer. Yes, they are very short and I read the last ones so fast because the stories are so good.

Granny Weaver decides to start a knitting circle with five ladies, to make items for people in Joplin, MO after the tornado hit that community. Granny had all boys and no girls, until her sons married that is, then she had daughters. Every lady she invites has some problem that Granny 'casts' prayers for. She is doing it as much for the ladies and herself as she is Joplin, they all need the interaction with other wives and mothers, as we do. Reading these stories, you find out how the Amish deal with a lot of the same health, personal, marital and emotional problems that we have. There are some problems you wouldn't think about them having to deal with. 

You can get these eBooks at Amazon or Barnes & Noble for $.99 per book. They are quite enjoyable and a very quick read. Karen has started on the seventh volume in the series.

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