Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lydia's Charm by Wanda E Brunstetter - Review

Lydia's Charm
by Wanda E Brunstetter

Lydia King decides to accept her mother's offer of moving to Charm, Ohio after losing her job because of a slow down at the restaurant where she was working. It was her only source of income as a widow with a young son, Josh. Lydia and Josh would live with Mae, her mother, and her grandfather. Mae was a widow also and had moved in with her father to care for him since her two brothers had moved.

Growing up Lydia always felt as if she couldn't do anything right, her mother always corrected everything she did, she hoped things would be different now that she was a mother herself. Lydia was never told that when Mae was growing up, her dad treated her the same way, she thinks it's because he lost Mae's mother when she was giving birth to Mae. Mae and her father still do not get along, and things between Lydia and Mae don't seem to have changed either.

Josh brings joy to his great-grandfather's life, the few times Josh is able to sneak into his room anyway. Mae is constantly nagging four year old Josh to be quiet, to stay away from his great-grandfather and is jealous of their relationship.

Lydia finds a job at the local restaurant and Mae babysits Josh.  Mae has plans of Lydia maybe marrying Menno, a widow with four boys, but Lydia doesn't seem attracted to him in that way. Levi appeals more to Lydia but Mae hates the idea of her marrying  him because, although Levi is normal height, the rest of his family are 'little people'. Mae won't even talk to Levi's family or shop in their store.

As Lydia's grandfather is passing away, he finally makes peace with Mae. A short time later Josh is killed when he runs into the road and a car coming over a hill cannot get stopped in time and hits him. Now they have medical bills and two funerals so Lydia goes back to work  after burying Josh, but they also have a guardian angel who mysteriously leaves them food and money. Mae gets her hopes up regarding Lydia and Menno as they are spending more and more time together. Shy Levi finally gets up enough nerve to ask Lydia out, but it seems every time he tries Menno comes and interrupts the conversation and asks Lydia out first.

I guess you'll have to read this book to find out if Lydia marries Menno or Levi and if she stays in Illinois when she goes to be with a friend who loses her father in an accident. What happens to Mae after her father dies, does she move on with her life or continue to live in her fathers house by herself, or with Lydia? Does Mae convince Lydia to marry Menno?

I really enjoyed this book, Wanda did not disappoint. I will say this is a good investment for anyone that reads Amish stories or Wanda Brunstetter books.

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