Monday, February 27, 2012

Need You Now by Beth Wiseman - Review

Need You Now
by Beth Wiseman

Brad and Darlene Henderson, with their three teenaged children, Chad, Grace and Ansley, recently moved to the small town of Round Top, TX from Houston. Brad commutes daily for his job and Darlene is a stay at home Mom who decides she'd like to find a job outside the home for the first time in her married life. She gets hired by a small special needs school.

Brad and Darlene have a very good marriage, couldn't be happier, and now they are living in her grandparents old farm house and have plans to repair and remodel it as they can afford it. Before they left Houston Chad was experiencing some problems but he seems to be doing better now. Ansley has some learning problems and is doing well enough in school that she has earned the chickens her Dad promised if she brought good grades home. Grace has always been their perfect child, never gave them a problem.

Darlene meets Layla, her neighbor, when she goes running out of the house because there is a snake under her bed. Layla appears and kills the snake for her but doesn't seem to be a very friendly person. Over time she gets to know Layla who has turned her back on God because of the death of her daughter which led to her divorce from Tom.

Darlene really enjoys her teaching job, she is a one-on-one teacher for Cara. Cara's Mother has passed away and lives with her loving Dad, David. David isn't sure about Darlene at first, but soon Cara loves Darlene and David develops a crush. Darlene has only been teaching for a short time when she discovers her daughter Grace is having some problems, she quits her job to stay home with her children, problems develop in her marriage, and Grace starts counseling.

Layla returns to God, thanks to Darlene, as Darlene is beginning to have problems and gradually starting to turn her back on Him.Darlene confides things to Layla and asks what to do but will she listen to her and will Layla be able to pull Darlene back to God to repay her own debt to Darlene? Will Grace get the help she really needs or will she continue to hide her thoughts and what bothers her? Will Brad and Darlene's marriage ever be the same, can it be saved?

If you like Beth Wiseman's books, you'll love this one too. It isn't what I 'm used to reading from Beth but it's a touching story that shows what faith can get you through. Whether it's what you want or what the Lord wants for you, He will pull you through.

I won this ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in a contest and was not required to read or review it. This is my review and my opinion.


  1. Great review! This sounds like a interesting book!

  2. This is a terrific book. The author, Beth Wiseman, weaves a great story that doesn't shy away from looking at the challenges of marriage and raising a family. did you know that all online sellers are offering the first half of the book for 99 cents? And has it for just 79 cents.