Monday, September 16, 2013

Fired Up by Mary Connealy - second book in Trouble in Texas series

Glynna Greer is opening up her diner and the Regulators are helping her move her things to town after saving her from a long painful life with her husband Flint Greer. The diner business is doing good even though her cooking makes everyone sick. Dare Riker, the doctor in the group of Regulators, is doing a good business though, thanks to her cooking. The men go to the diner just to look at the beautiful Glynna and won't give up eating her food.

As they are moving her things to town Glynna and Dare are just about killed by an avalanche, next Dare's house catches fire and he just about dies in that fire. Dare doesn't know but the rest of the Regulators decide someone is trying to kill him so they start standing watch on his house at night. They have at least two suspects, Glynna's son Paul and Lana Bullard, her husband was Flint's right hand man but had disappeared after her husband was killed. Lana holds Dare responsible for murdering her son and her husband and Paul doesn't want his mother to ever have anything to do with any man again after the way his father treated them and then Flint treated them even worse. Or it could be someone that is holding a grudge from when he was in the Andersonville prison during the Civil War.

I can understand why Paul feels the way he does and he's old enough to feel like he's responsible for his family now so he will do anything to keep his mother, his sister and himself safe from ANY man. Lana has her reasons, but does she really? People and their grudges, some just can't seem to get rid of them. It is so much better if you can forgive, and that's for yourself, not the one you're forgiving.

I love Mary's books and she didn't fail me with this one. Just another one I can add to my favorite list!

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