Saturday, December 28, 2013

An Angel by Her Side by Ruth Reid - Review of the third book in A Heaven On Earth Novel series

The angel Elias has his hands full in this book and Razzen is still interfering. Katie Bender saves her students when a tornado hits the school but the school is ruined along with a lot of other buildings in the area. Seth Stutzman is working on the beehives for his brother-in-law when the tornado hits and runs to the cellar under the school too. Amos, Seth's widowed brother-in-law despises Katie so much that he pulled his children out of school and they don't even attend church services. When Amos's oldest daughter Leah runs away from home and Amos goes blind, Seth has no choice but to ask Katie to come daily and help with the children.

When the people decide not to rebuild the school because of the cost and all the other repairs that are more important, Katie finds herself out of a job and may have to move in the grossdaadi haus at her brothers place. When Katie applies for another teaching job and does not get it she realizes it isn't losing the job that she's upset about, it's a broken heart again.

I really did enjoy this series, I like the way Ruth has the angels appearing and talking to the characters. It brings to life the fact that there are angels watching over us we just don't realize it, and they aren't always helping in a positive way. I would encourage others to get these books and read them and this is a continuing series so I would suggest you start with the first one "The Promise of an Angel" then the second which is "Brush of an Angel's Wings". Great job Ruth!

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