Thursday, December 26, 2013

Love Finds You Under the Mistletoe by Irene Brand and Anita Higman

by Irene Brand
When Julia Mayfield returns from serving in the WACs in World War II she attempts to fulfill her only sisters dying request, to take her son to his dead father's family in Mistletoe, Kentucky. The trip to Mistletoe was a test in itself, she wasn't used to children, her nephew didn't really know her and when she gets off the bus in Booneville she has no way to get to Mistletoe and Booneville has no hotel. When she finally makes it to her sister's in-laws, they have locked themselves away in their house since hearing of their sons death and they don't know about Bobby so when she goes knocking on their door Bobby's grandfather threatens to kill her if she doesn't get off of his property. Now she has a decision to make, stay there and try to fulfill the promise she made to her sister or return home.

by Anita Higman
A baby was left on the steps of The Little Bethlehem Shoppe in the village of Noel, Missouri. Albert Goodnight, a single man, was the owner of the shop and found her sound asleep a wicker basket. Albert adopted Holly Rose but it was never discovered who left her or who her mother was. The residents of Noel knew the story and it was never talked about, until now that is. Someone told an author about the story so he decides he wants to write a story about Holly Rose Goodnight, if she'll agree to it. 

I really enjoyed "An Appalachian Christmas" and found it entertaining to read but "Once Upon A Christmas Eve" did not seem as good to me. I liked the story but had trouble keeping interested in it, like it was dragging to me, but you have to know that I prefer more historical genre over modern day, so that could be my problem. All-in-all they were both nice Christmas stories and I feel that others would enjoy both.

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