Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wolf Creek Wedding by Penny Richards - Review


A Marriage of Necessity
Widow Abby Carter hopes to find love again--unlikely with a man like Caleb Gentry, who doesn't even believe it. Their marriage isn't ideal, but Abby's two young children need security, and Caleb's daughter needs a mother. Perhaps this is one of the Lord's more mysterious answers to Abby's prayers.

When Caleb Gentry's wife passed away, he knew he'd need help to raise his baby girl. Abby's loving spirit, strong faith and warm heart make Caleb want to be a better man. It won't be easy. But Caleb's never had things come easy in his life, and making his new family work will be his most important challenge yet.


I really enjoyed reading this book. Penny has come up with a perfect solution for her characters but there is one person who doesn't want to see that happen, even when they do the 'right' thing according to her, she still finds a way to cause trouble. I like the way Penny merges two families that don't even know each other and how she manages their different personalities and lifestyles.

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