Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wolf Creek Homecoming by Penny Richards - Review

Gabe Gentry use to live entirely in pursuit of carefree pleasure. It cost him his relationship with his brother, and with the one woman who believed in him. Now, with newfound faith, he's coming home to Wolf Creek, Arkansas, hoping to find redemption and forgiveness, and maybe even a second chance at love.

Physician Rachel Stone never thought she'd lay eyes on Gabe again. After their brief time together, Gabe disappeared, leaving Rachel devastated and secretly pregnant with his son. His return stirs up her bitterness...and her attraction. But Gabe's already burned her once; how can she trust him again, now that her son's heart is on the line, as well?


What a great book this one was! It is so true that in life sometimes we blame another person for the trouble we got into without admitting to ourselves that we had the final decision in our actions, so we are just as much to blame. When we can realize that and truly forgive ourselves and the other person, we can find ourselves with fewer bumps in the road and a brighter outlook. I find the easy part is 'saying' I forgive, the hard part is to follow through with our actions, when we can do that, we have truly forgiven.

This is not listed as a series but I would suggest that if you find yourself wanting to read this book you should read "Wolf Creek Wedding" first as they deal with the same family and the hard life Caleb and Gabe had growing up. I don't think you will be disappointed in either book

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