Monday, August 4, 2014

Becca Fisher Amish Romance 40 Story Set by Becca Fisher - Review

This collection features 40 Amish Romance stories by Becca Fisher including:

The Amish Wedding Series
Rebecca Lapp has her life back together after a tough break up. She's found a new man and is finally happy once again. But when her ex comes back into town wanting her back, Rebecca will be forced to make a decision that will change her life forever.

The Chasing Heaven Series
Hanna Bieler's wedding is more than just cause fore celebration. It gets her sisters wondering when they will get married who they'll fall in love with, or whether God has other plans for them entirely. But it becomes clear that although the Amish are simple people, their love lives are anything but.

The Let Love In Series
When Jenna loses her husband in a horrible accident, she never thinks she can love again. But she suddenly finds herself a single Amish mother and knows that her children need a father figure in their lives. So when a handsome stranger rides into town a year later and takes a liking to Jenna, she has to decide if she can ever let love in again, or risk losing a man that could bring her happiness.

The If I Stayed Series
Hannah and Sadie Miller have always been desperate to explore the world. So when rumspringa comes, they want to go to the big city. But are the sisters willing to risk losing everything that's important to them when their parents insist that they stay in Lancaster?

The Amish Christmas Series
Joshua Zook and Sadie Miller have been dancing around their feelings for months. But just as Joshua works up the nerve to admit how much he cares for Sadie, he realizes that he may be too late to win Sadie's heart.

I enjoyed Becca's short stories and the quick wit that she used in most of them. It was interesting how members of the same family decided what they wanted to do for rumspringa and how it was dealt with when one wanted to go experience the Englisher life. I was impressed that she mentioned the "Broken Amish" and how the Amish felt about that show. The only problem I had was that there were too many stories to read all at once, they just seemed to be pretty repetitive after reading so many all at one time. I think it would be better to read maybe five or ten stories and take a break with some other books, then go back and read five or ten more, etc.

I got this book in .pdf format for my Kindle from Becca Fisher for an honest review. Since this was a .pdf format I used the book blurb from Amazon, where it is available to purchase for $2.99 (right now) for your Kindle. About half way through I was looking for something on my Kindle and noticed that I had purchased "Becca Fisher Amish Romance 45 Book Boxed Set", well I compared the two by writing the titles down for each book and could not make heads or tails of the two. The 40 story set (the .pdf format) didn't have that many titles listed, it was short 11 the nearest I could tell and the 45 book boxed set had 26 stories that matched the other 'book', not in the same order, and I could only find 40 books. Granted the 'missing' 5 could be included in the "Beachy Amish Romance Boxed Set" included in the set of 45. I would like to read the 5 additional books but don't now what to read.

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