Sunday, August 17, 2014

Taming the Texas Rancher by Rhonda Gibson - Review

Though he'd never planned to wed, Daniel Westland must marry and produce a grandchild before his brother does in order to inherit the family ranch. Leave it to him to pick a mail-order bride who insists on being courted! Yet every time Daniel wonders if Hannah Young is even suited to rugged living, the petite schoolteacher her gumption.

What ma;n sends away for a bride but doesn't really want to get married? Hanna came to Granite, Texas, hoping to find love and security, and she can't settle for less than a true partnership.  If the brooding, handsome rancher can just learn to trust in Hannah, their future could be as filled with promise as this bountiful land.

As I am reading the books in this 'series', as I'm calling it, each one seems to get better than the last. I really enjoy Rhonda's books. This mail-order bride book does take a different story line than most I've read and I found it quite interesting. Another book I can happily suggest for others to read.

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