Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kate's Song by Jennifer Beckstrand - Review of the first book in the Forever After in Apple Lake series

(copied from Amazon.com)
Kate Weaver returns home to her family's farm in Apple Lake, Wisconsin, battered and bruised and carrying a secret. She is not yet baptized and has spent the past year at a music conservatory in Milwaukee, living among the English. Music is Kate's passion, and she is very good, so she faces a difficult choice; she must either give up her family and home to pursue her talents or come home and be baptized and give up on her dreams. And with Nathaniel King, the handsome neighbor boy she grew up with, paying attention to her, the choice of whether to return to school in the fall is even harder. Kate wins a starring role in an upcoming opera, and as she wrestles with pressure from her family and her newfound feelings for Nathaniel, she is also haunted by what happened to her just before she left school: she fought to protect her friends against an angry ex and landed the man in intensive care. Will the consequences of that battle be the end of everything she's ever wanted? Will Nathaniel wait around while she tries to figure out God's plan for her life?

I can't say enough about Jennifer's writing style, I have thoroughly enjoyed every book of her's that I've read so far. She pulls you into the story immediately and as she goes on you are right in the thick of it wanting to read the whole book in one sitting. I can highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys Amish or Christian Fiction stories. I now have to buy the next two books in this series, "Rebecca's Rose" and "Miriam's Quilt". Oh Jennifer, why do you do this to me? Really I want to say thank you for writing such good books!

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