Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Simple Faith by Rosalind Lauer - Review of the first book in A Lancaster Crossroads series

Rushing to the scene of a tragic highway collision, nursing student Haley Donovan draws on her training to care for the passengers in the crumpled van. The experience wins her a place in Lancaster County's tight-knit Amish society, and draws her to kindhearted psychologist Dylan Monroe. Working side by side with Dylan who is bringing counseling services to the small town of Halfway, Haley feels an undeniable attraction between them, yet she senses that Dylan is holding back, scarred by the wounds of his past.

Elsie Lapp, the manager of Halfway's country store, is a voice of cheer and goodwill for her customers. But Elsie's serene world spins out of control with the terrible crash, and the young woman finds herself grappling for the simple faith that has always sustained her. Her burden is eased by Ruben Zook, a neighbor known for his snide jokes. In the aftermath of the accident, Ruben reveals a tender heart that could easily sweep her away. However, Elsie carries secrets that keep her from surrendering her heart.

Exploring the ways that faith, hope, and charity bring everyone together, A Simple Faith resonates with the sweetness, purity and power of love.

If you want to see how the English and Amish can work together to overcome a tragedy this will be the book for you. Rosalind told a good story about the two groups of people and how they can become good friends, even if it was a fatal accident that brought them together. She also brings in how the Amish extend forgiveness even when they experience a loss to their own community. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series as I liked the intermixing of the two 'societies'.

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