Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Faith of Her Own by Kathleen Fuller - Review of the first book in the Middlefield Amish series

Ever since Anna Mae's childhood friend Jeremiah left their Amish community, she's questioned her own place in the Amish world. The Amish life feels as if it's closing in on her, and with her mother trying to set her up with potential suitors, Anna Mae feels trapped in a life she's not sure she wants anymore. But she's never told anyone that she longs for a tiny taste of freedom--freedom that could be very costly.

When Jeremiah suddenly reappears in Middlefield to help his mentor, Yankee veterinarian Dr. Miller, new questions surface for Anna Mae, along with feelings she'd never full acknowledged before.

As Anna Mae and Jeremiah rekindle their friendship, old feelings take on new meaning. Yet the question still lingers: What is God's plan for her life? Should she stay, remaining loyal to her Amish family, or does God have a bigger plan--one that provides more freedom than she could imagine? The answers do not come easily, and God's plan may lead in different directions . . . for both of Anna Mae and Jeremiah.

I have read several books by Kathleen and this has been one of the best I think. I like the plot and how she tugs at your heart with the characters feelings. Once the tugging started and I managed to hold the tears back I finished the book feeling very good about how the individuals dealt with their true feelings and the way the book ended. Anna Mae and Jeremiah are very strong characters who will do anything to accomplish what they want in their life, even if it takes years and separation from family and each other.

I would highly recommend this book and if you have not read any of Kathleen's other books or stories in one of the 'collection' type books then you have a lot of catching up to do on some good reading.

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