Friday, May 29, 2015

Plain Peril by Alison Stone - Review

After her sister is found dead and her brother-in-law goes missing, Hannah Wittmer rushes back to the Amish community she abandoned to care for her young nieces. Although she makes every effort to blend in, she's still seen as an outsider--and quickly attracts the attention of a killer. She knows Sheriff Spencer Maxwell is fast on the murderer's tracks, but the Amish townspeople are as suspicious of him as they are of Hannah. As threats escalate--now targeting Hannah and the handsome sheriff--they'll follow any trail to uncover a vicious criminal. Even if that trail leads them right to their own backyard...

A great mystery and you get to enjoy both worlds, the Amish and the Englisch. Alison wrote this with more than one or two suspects so you do keep guessing until the end. You think it's this person, then another, now back to the first one and then another one pops up.

I don't remember reading any of Alison's books before but I will surely be on the lookout for them now. I see three definites that she has already written that I want! I hope others will enjoy this book as much as I did.

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