Saturday, May 9, 2015

With This Kiss Historical Collection by Mary Connealy, Ruth Logan Herne, Pam Hillman, Cara Lynn James and Julie Lessman - Review of e-book

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"His Beloved Bride" by Ruth Logan Herne
Phillip Dickinson's inheritance requires him to be married with a child. He's got neither on his South Dakota claim. Grace Hawthorne lost her mean-spirited husband in the blizzard of '88, and her claim shack in a spring fire. With a newborn baby, a marriage of convenience seems right and wrong. When hardship comes their way, can faith, hope and love keep them together?

"Meeting in the Middle" by Pam Hillman
Having lost his young son, widowed cotton farmer Curt Parker is determined to protect his two little girls from harm. His new neighbor, Alaina Garland, needs help to save the farm she runs alone. Can these two meet in the middle to take care of his children as well as work the fields to save their land?

"The Innkeeper's Promise" by Cara Lynn James
Lydia, an inexperienced yet determined innkeeper, tries her best to convince Dane, her absentee co-owner, to keep their failing hotel operating despite his need for a quick sale. Will their love grow strong enough for the ambitious Dane to change all his plans and stay with Lydia?

"Grace Like Rain" by Julie Lessman
Because of Blake "The Rake" McClare's notorious reputation, receptionist Patience Peabody steers clear of the lovable rogue attorney at the law firm in which they both work. Until a rare thunderstorm brings them together in a love soaked with the grace of God and sparked with a little lightning of its own.

"Closer Than Brothers" by Mary Connealy
The heroes of the Trouble in Texas series met in Andersonville Prison during the war. What they went through, what it took to survive has created a bond between them.

When one of the friends needs help, the others come a'running. They have a bond that is closer than brothers. This novella is the story of how they met in Andersonville. It's not a comedy, it's not a romance, but the fires that forged this friendship in the darkest days of the Civil War make the Trouble in Texas series bigger and better. I hope you enjoy the story.

I was anxious to read this book, these stories, as I really enjoy all of these authors and I was not disappointed at all. Each author pulled me into their stories and had me pulling for each couple to make a 'go' of their relationship. All of the main characters show a lot of determination to get through their problems and forge on. Great reading of some short stories that I think historical fiction readers will really enjoy.


  1. Thank you for reading, Wendy! So glad you enjoyed the collection. We aim to please! :)

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  3. Wendy! Thank you so much for reviewing our "With This Kiss" collection! That gift of your time and your approval means so much to us! Bless you!