Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Basket Brigade Christmas by Judith Miller, Nancy Moser and Stephanie Grace Whitson - Review

Join Lucy, Sarah, and Zona, three compassionate women who put aside their own heartache to care for wounded heroes--each finding love along the way.

Inspired by the true story of the Basket Brigade Women of Decatur, Illinois. . .

With the country embroiled in civil war in 1862, a group of women formed the Basket Brigade and boarded trains to minister to Union soldiers transferring from overflowing hospitals in the South to northerly locations. The Basked Brigade offered fried chicken, pickled peaches, pound cake, and other dainties to men who hadn't eaten a home-cooked meal since enlisting. The women of Decatur, Illinois, served nearly two thousand meals to wounded warriors.

Three bestselling authors were blessed and inspired by the word written by teh actual women who organized and participated in relief efforts during the Civil War. They have penned their stories in honor of them.

Three very good authors have written three very good stories. I like they are based on true events and they tell how much these women dido for the injured soldiers and how much it meant to the men. Yet another highly recommended book for historical fiction readers.

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