Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sarah's Patchwork by Stephanie Grace Whitson - Review of the first book in the Keepsake Legacies series

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When Aunt Sarah begins to tell Lorna stories based on the fabric in a treasured crazy quilt, Lorna has no idea she is hearing true stories--the story of Aunt Sarah's life.

Abandoned by their destitute father, Sarah Biddle and her younger brother, Tom, are sent west on an orphan train. But no one wants to adopt a girl with a crippled brother in tow. Facing the unthinkable--being returned to a New York orphanage--Sarah and Tom run away when the eastbound train pauses in Lincoln, Nebraska. Not until the two come face to face with Jesse King and Augusta Hathaway (introduced to readers in the Prairie Winds Series), do Sarah and Tom begin to hope for better things.

When Sarah learns the power of true love to heal the broken heart, she is transformed. Each scrap of fabric in Sarah's patchwork quilt bears silent witness to the rich life experienced by a strong, resourceful woman who stitched "the tears of the past into a treasure for tomorrow".

I love Stephanie's books, this one included! She has weaved a very touching tale about Sarah's life, so many twists and turns. Each twist makes her stronger for the next turn. This is an older book, from 2000, and I have just 'found' as it was recently re-released in paperback and e-book format. I can recommend this as a good read. Also, I like that it takes place in Nebraska.

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