Friday, May 20, 2016

Secret Sister: An Amish Christmas Tale by Sarah Price

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After years of giving of herself to her family and community, Grace Beiler, an elderly Amish woman, is facing her first Christmas since losing her husband of fifty years to his battle with cancer. As she begins to reflect upon her own life, she wonders if she has properly fulfilled her promise to be a servant of God.

With Christmas drawing near, her depression becomes stronger until she starts receiving ittle gifts in the mail and left on her doorstep. She realizes that she has a "secret sister," but has no idea who it might be, for each gift seems to relate to different, important events in her life. Just when she thinks she might have figured out who the secret sister is, a new gift arrives with a different meaning.

Who is making this Christmas one Grace will never forget?

I am going back and forth between three and four out of five stars for this book. For me the story was kind of slow but Sarah puts a lot of emotion in it. I understand the back and forth in time, I think it was needed for this story, but sometimes I get lost in that. I will say Sarah did a great job of writing and had a fantastic ending. I can recommend this as a good read and I have read, and will read more of, Sarah's books.

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