Monday, May 9, 2016

Montana Dawn by Caroline Fyffe - Review of the first book in the McCutcheon Family Series

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McCutcheon Family series. In the tradition of the great western romance, Montana Dawn tells the story of a woman yearning for a place to belong and a cowboy with a heart as big as the Montana skies...

A woman on the run...
Running from an abusive past, widow Faith Brown finds herself in a rickety wagon, about to give birth. With no one but her young stepson to help, Faith is both grateful to--and wary of--the handsome cowboy who comes to her aid. Her first instinct is to run, but the coming child has left her no choice but to accept the help of the gentle stranger,
A man who stands alone...
Cowboy Luke McCutcheon may come from a wealthy ranching family, but as the offspring of a Cheyenne warrior he's always felt he had to prove his worthiness to the rest of the McCutcheon brothers. When he stumbles across a lone woman about to have a child, his first intinct is to ride for help. Unwilling to leave the pretty widow, her young son, and her newborn unprotected in the Montana wilderness, he offers to take them along on his family's cattle drive.
No refuge from the past...
Faith accepts Luke's offer of shelter, but fears revealing the truth about herself. She's being hunted by a ruthless man who will stop at nothing to possess her. Although she's coming to care deeply for Luke, she can't risk the consequences of him discovering the secret of her nightmarish past. In spite of the danger drawing ever closer, Faith still dreams of a loving family and a home to call her own, if only she and Luke can stay together long enough to find their beautiful and bright...Montana Dawn.

Carolyn has written a story that takes off right from the beginning and keeps right on moving with events that make you want to read faster. I did enjoy this story and the strength Faith showed throughout as well as the extremes she would go to protect her children. I will be reading more books in this series and would recommend it as a good read.

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