Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alaskan Brides series by Allie Pleiter, Linda Ford and Dorothy Clark - Review of Yukon Wedding, Klondike Medicine Woman and Gold Rush Baby

Alaskan Brides series 

Yukon Wedding  by Allie Pleiter

Klondike Medicine Woman  by Linda Ford

Gold Rush Baby  by Dorothy Clark

I have finished all three books and enjoyed each one in the series. There are three sisters in this series that you will find quite interesting to follow, Lucy, Margie and Frankie Tucker. They are quite a trio.

 "Yukon Wedding" tells of Lana's hard life after losing her husband and having their child to raise alone in "gold country".  She finally gives in and marries Mack, her husbands best friend, who he founded Treasure Creek, Alaska with. Married to a man she doesn't love, Lana proves to be good for the town and for Mack. The marriage of  'convenience' soon turns to a marriage of love and respect.

 "Klondike Medicine Woman" shows how Teena's faith, even though a Tlingit and thought to be use superstitious rituals for medical treatments by the new doctor in town. Dr Calloway came to Treasure Creek, Alaska so he could treat white people after his brother died there. He believed that his brother was poisoned by such a medicine woman. All Teena wants to do is learn the white man's medicine but she gets a whole lot more.

"Gold Rush Baby" showed Viola's strength while trying to keep her past a secret, that secret just about cost her the love of her life. She was entrusted with the care of a baby by someone unknown to her but saw how she treated another baby. In caring for that baby, along with keeping her past a secret, Viola just about lost her life as she knew it. She was willing to do anything for that child and to protect her secret past.

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