Friday, August 19, 2011

Love Finds A Home by Wanda E Brunstetter - Review

Love Finds A Home
 3 Historical Romances
by Wanda E Brunstetter
Just got done with this book, it is a fast read with three unrelated stories. Each one held my interest throughout. I liked Daddy's Girl and Dear Teacher the most, probably because I like historical fiction based on faith and they were set in the 1800's. Twice Loved was set in the early to mid 1900's.

Glenna thought she would always be Daddy's Girl. She loved her father so much she was willing to lie for him sometimes to keep him safe from his own faults. After meeting Reverend David Green things changed for her.

Judith grew up being teased, but turned out to be a Dear Teacher by having her students write letters to her secretly. I liked her because I once knew a person with two different color eyes. Judith would not allow bullying in her classroom and expected the children to behave, even if it meant standing up to, Ernie, a man who would change her life.

Bev or Dan never thought they would be Twice Loved or be able to love twice. Set during World War II, Bev suffered lots of hardships and had to move on with her daughter, but without her husband. Dan had to move on after losing his wife to leukemia.

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