Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anathema by Colleen Coble - Review

by Colleen Coble
This is an excellent book. I purchased this because it was on clearance and I thought it sounded interesting. I don't read a lot of murder/mystery type books, but since it has an Amish setting I thought it would be different, and boy was it.

Hannah, raised Amish, has joined the church and is engaged but loves an Englischer. She almost gets raped, only to be saved by Reece, then when she gets home she finds her parents murdered in their living room. She can't find it in her heart to forgive the suspected murderer, who is also found dead, and suddenly leaves with Reece and marries him. She discovers he isn't the person she thought he was.

She tries desperately to locate her Mother's quilts, which were stolen when she was murdered, ten of them worth about $2000 each. This makes Reece very mad, along with anything she does that does not put him first. She tries to talk him into having a family, but he refuses, he believes he won't be the most important thing in her life if they have kids. After five years of marriage and believing she lost the one thing she wanted most out of life, her child, due to falling down the stairs, Hannah leaves Reece, changes her name and disappears. Five years after that she receives a letter from Reece, forwarded to her by her Aunt Nora. He informs her that her baby is alive and includes a picture of a little girl that could have been Hannah at that age.

Not knowing what to believe, she returns to Indiana, to try to find out the truth. Once back home, there are more murders in her family. The detective finds it strange that the murders start up again when she comes back to town, he soon clears her, but there are plenty of other suspects that he doesn't want to accept as he investigates.

This story has quite an intricate mixture of the Amish and Englisch families involved. It does keep you guessing, you think you have it figured out, then something changes your mind, then something else happens and your almost back to your first suspicion.

I did really enjoy this book and it kept me interested enough to stay up later than I should have, a night or two reading it, lol.

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