Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble - Review os the first book in Under Texas Stars series

Blue Moon Promise
First book in Under Texas Stars series
by Colleen Coble

Lucy Marsh is taking care of her brother and sister, children from her father's second marriage after her mother had died, but things go from bad to worse when she discovers she's being followed on her way home from the job she just got laid-off from, her landlord meets her when she gets home to let her know he's sold her 'ramshackle' house and they have seven days to move out. When she enters the house she notices a strange man sitting on a chair, it seems Jed took a dare and tried to pick his pocket but got caught. Jed returned the wallet, but that isn't the reason Henry Stanton is waiting to talk to her. It seems he's looking for a wife for his son, Nate, who has given his father a signed statement allowing him to act as his agent in all business matters for this trip, so Henry wants Lucy to marry Nate by proxy without even knowing anything about Nate, or Henry for that matter, and without Nate knowing his father would be bringing him a wife home, signed, sealed and delivered you might say.

As she is trying to figure out what to do and fixing supper for the Jed and Eileen, a man comes to the door, Albert, and says that Catherine, Lucy's step-mother, has sent him and wants Eileen. When Lucy refuses to turn three year old Eileen over he threatens her. Lucy puts the children to bed, prays and tries to sleep, but any sleep she may get is soon interrupted by a man, not Albert, trying to break into their house. With no money, no job, soon no home and all of these men that seem to be haunting her, she decides to accept Henry's offer and marry Nate to keep Jed and Eileen safe.

Let's say that Nate is none to pleased when his father returns with Lucy, Jed and Eileen. Since Lucy is so much younger than his father, he thinks Lucy probably got Henry to marry her so she could get his money and his land. When he finds out that Lucy is HIS wife, he's even more angry. He insults her by saying she's too little, won't be able to carry her own weight, etc. Lucy sets out to prove him wrong.

I loved this book and had a hard time putting it down. It has faith, love, some mild suspense and even a surprise ending. Colleen did a wonderful job!

This book comes out this month and I don't see where she's started a second one yet, but since it has Under Texas Stars at the top of the cover and on the spine, I'm guessing, and hoping, there are more.

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  1. This is on my TBR pile and can't wait to dive into it.

    I see you are on Goodreads, I am too. Also check out my blog and consider following, I have a few giveways coming up and one going on right now. Here is the link for my current giveaway

    1. I don't think you will be disappointed. I've read a couple of Colleen's books now and some shorter stories, I have enjoyed them all. If you're like me, I get so many books I can't read them nearly fast enough, lol, I have so many I really want to get to in my TBR list it's crazy. I'm now following your blog, what name do you go by on goodreads, I'll send you a friend request or you can send me one, Wendy Newcomb.