Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mail-Order Christmas Brides by Jillian Hart & Janet Tronstad - Review

Her Christmas Family
by Jillian Hart
Gertie Winters wanted a ma for Christmas and Tate,her father, will do anything to please her since her mother died while he was in prison and she was sent to an orphanage until her aunt Ing went and found her. Felicity Sawyer was raised in an orphanage and has spent her life looking for her sisters. Gertie wrote to Felicity begging her to be her ma, Felicity gladly agrees and takes the train to meet them. When the train arrives that is supposed to bring Felicity, Tate and Gertie can't find her, then as they are leaving someone calls out Gertie's name and they stop in their tracks. Tate can't believe the lady in the yellow dress is Felicity, she'll never follow through on her agreement to marry him, how will Gertie handle this?

Christmas Stars for Dry Creek
by Janet Tronstad
Eleanor McBride has been sitting in an old cabin for twelve days with little to no food and no wood for the fireplace to keep warm, what she had she saved for cooking. Will Sergeant Adam Martin show up with his daughter or not? She had agreed to marry him when she was kicked out of her home and lost her job. After all it was her boss, Mrs Stout who had exchanged letters with Sergeant Martin's mother trying to find her a place to go. What will she do if they don't show up and would his mother still approve of her if she finds out that she is a Hamilton, but was disowned by them?

Two touching stories by two great authors!

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