Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Winnowing Season by Cindy Woodsmall - Review of the second book in Amish Vines and Orchards series

Samuel King and Rhoda Byler have become partners in the Kings' Orchard and the Rhode Side Stands. With the help of Rhoda's friend Landon they found an old orchard in Orchard Bend, Maine so they get approval from the district and purchase it. Eight of the Kings and Bylers move to start a new Amish community.

Samuel and his brother Jacob have both fallen in love with Rhoda, while Samuel keeps it to himself Jacob expresses himself to Rhoda and she reciprocates the feelings. The problem is that Jacob has commitments from his rumschpringe days so every time Sandra calls, Jacob goes running. Samuel has also upset Rhoda by writing a letter to her district sharing some secrets that she shared with him.

Once in Orchard Bend Samuel and Rhoda continue to disagree on some things and there are times that Samuel won't hardly talk to her. Jacob continues to run when his past calls and when marijuana and drug paraphernalia are discovered in one of the greenhouses and Rhoda is accused of growing with intent to sell, Jacob has to leave so the police won't discover him. Jacob is gone more than he's home, it seems like he's never there when she needs some moral support, but she doesn't waver in her love for him. Samuel just finds himself falling deeper and deeper in love with Rhoda.

Rhoda also loses her best friend Landon because he falls for Jacob's 17 year old sister Leah, who really thinks she wants to leave the Amish. When Rhoda discovers him bringing Leah home late one night she asks to have a talk with him when he shows up for work the next morning and she demands that he stop seeing Leah or she will fire him. He knows that he needs the job so he starts avoiding not only Leah but Rhoda too. Rhoda finds herself spending more time with Samuel and even confiding in him again.

Wonderful story that shows even though people don't always get along, they can put those differences aside and live in one house supporting each other. Yes, eight people in one house, two different families that haven't really know each other all that long either, it can be done! Also the faith Rhoda has is impressive, she never loses her trust in Jacob even though he spends so much time with Sandra and her daughter or during the investigation when she's advised to get a really good attorney, she still depends on God to get her through without hiring an attorney.

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