Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Dream for Tomorrow by Melody Carlson - Review of the second book in Homeward on the Oregon Trail series

The Martin's, the Dawson's, Brady and the rest of the wagon train are continuing on their trek to Oregon. They encounter some rough traveling, some loses and some inconveniences, like Elizabeth having to share her wagon with a grieving Mrs Taylor. Remember Mrs Taylor disapproved of the Martin's, Dawson's and most of the rest of their unit, but it is with Elizabeth Martin that she chooses to travel with after the tragic loss of her husband and her beloved organ.

The wagon train splits with more travelers going to Oregon than planned on when they started out. The split means that Eli has to lead the small group to California and leave the group Elizabeth is in. This gives Will a chance to court Elizabeth. Clara, Elizabeth's mother thinks he will make a good husband for her, but does Elizabeth want that?

I thought I had the third book in this series but find I don't so I guess I have to go buy it because Melody left me wanting to know how things go once they reach Oregon. Will it be as bad as her sister-in-law said it is, will Elizabeth give in and marry Will? Oh I like it when this happens but I hate it too, lol, it means buying more books, lol.

This has been a good series so far, can you imagine learning geography the way JT and Ruth are learning it, by traveling the Oregon Trail. I would recommend this book/series to anyone that likes reading Christian Historical genres. Melody shows the faith one must have had to travel like this.

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