Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Grace That Leads Us Home by Kim Vogel Sawyer - review of the Prequel to What Once Was Lost series

Alice Deaton was happily married to Oscar with two children, Laura and Francis in Florence, Kansas. That was until Oscar went to help an elderly neighbor and had a heart attack and died. Now Alice has to find a way to support the children and herself on no income, the home they rent is paid for through Oscar's paycheck so she doesn't even know if they'll have a roof over their head. Oh, and when she went to apply for a job at the bank, the banker ends up telling her that Oscar has owed him money for three years, so now does she not get a job but she owes him money she didn't know about. She struggles without telling anyone about what a hard time she's having, that is until the preacher's wife finds a crumpled up letter from Alice's widowed sister-in-law telling her that she has no room for them to come and live there.

This was a short quick read and I'm now wondering what will happen to Alice, Laura and Francis. Alice appears to be a woman who will do anything to for her children so we will see how the future turns out when I read What Once Was Lost, I'm really looking forward to it.

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