Monday, November 11, 2013

Awakened Love by Laura V Hilton - Review of the third book in The Amish of Webster County series

Katie Detweiler is very bashful and is verbally bullied by Patsy Swartz. She manages the the bakery/deli at a local bed and breakfast and is beginning to think she'll never marry and have a family. When Abram Hilty comes to stay with his relatives in Seymour, Missouri he sees Katie and is immediately attracted to her, but so is his cousin Micah.

Abram tries everything to convince Katie that she will someday be his frau. She doesn't believe him since he has a girlfriend back home in Shipshewana, Indiana and Patsy keeps telling her that she's courting him and they are going to get married. Katie feels like he is wanting to court her because of a dare and everyone in the community is laughing at her.

Abram is keeping something secret and when Katie discovers a secret about herself her world is turned upside down. Abram is very supportive until he is ordered back to Shipshewana by the Bishops there.

I didn't think this book could be any better than "Surrendered Love" but I was wrong. Abram so reminded my of my husband when we first met, he was determined that we would be married after only knowing each other for a couple of weeks but I kept telling him no. Well we were married five months after meeting and have now been married 42 1/2 years, so he did win. We didn't have the complications that Katie and Abram had though, so that is where the story differs to begin with.

Laura may have outdone herself with this series, I loved, loved, loved it! This is one of those series that I feel you must start with the first book as the main characters, the girls, are best friends so each book is a continuance of the previous one, sort of.

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  1. Thanks again!!! I hope you love the next series just as much. The first book in the Amish of Jamesport will release in April 2014