Sunday, September 14, 2014

His Chosen Bride by Rhonda Gibson - Review

This Texan Had No Intention of Becoming a Groom. . .
Until he found out he had a year to find a bride--or risk losing the family ranch. Any of the four mail-order brides recently arrived in Granite, Texas, would make a good wife. So why can't Levi Westland stop thinking about the one who refuses to have him? The marriage of convenience Levi offers isn't enough to persuade Millie Hamilton. Truth is, it's no longer enough for Levi, either. . . .

Millie just needed a place to escape to. Now that she's paid Levi back his traveling expenses, she can forge her own way. If he knew the truth about her past, Levi's admiration would vanish. But the only thing harder than risking her heart may be watching Levi marry anyone but her.

Oh yes, another book for you to run out and get, you won't be disappointed. Rhonda has done a wonderful job on this 'non-series' of books. Yes, I think these four books should be considered a series and not stand alone novels, lol, just my opinion. If you look at my three previous reviews you will see the titles that go along with this one. I hope you enjoy the books as much as I have. I'm also looking forward to reading Rhonda's new book, "A Pony Express Christmas", due out November 4, 2014.

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