Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lost Are Found by Vikki Kestell - Review of the sixth book in A Prairie Heritage series

Joy Thoresen Michaels has lost the two most precious people in her life: her husband and her only child. She cannot receive her husband back from the dead, but she has hope for her son--hope that he will be recovered:

"I spoke a moment ago about my prairie heritage--the enduring faith my papa and mama lived as an example for me. It is because of their faith that I have such hope for Edmund even though he is, today, lost to us."

"You see, what is lost to us is not--is not--lost to God! I remember Papa saying this very thing: In God, the lost are found. Our Lord sees the entire world--and nothing in all of his creation is hidden to him! I am comforted to know that wherever Edmund is, God is there with him."

Four families bind themselves in a solemn pledge: They vow to never stop searching for Edmund and to never stop trusting that God will restore him to them, whether in this life or the next.

Lost Are Found, the conclusion of this spiritually rich series,chronicles how God answers those who utterly trust in him, no matter the circumstances--and no matter how long the wait.

What an outstanding finish to a series! I cannot find the words to express how moved I was by this book/series. To think that one woman that has been gone for many, many years can manage to still bring someone to surrender herself to Christ is just amazing. Rose's journaling has impressed me throughout this series, you really need to read this series starting with book one to get the full impact. I was so drawn into this book that I think I read a little more than half of it, to get it finished, today, I just couldn't put it down! If you don't shed some tears while reading this I just don't know what to tell you.

I HIGHLY recommend this SERIES to you, I don't think you will be disappointed. Vikki did a fantastic job, so good that when I'd start one of the books I did more reading on my Kindle than I did of 'hands-on' books, and that is very unusual!

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