Friday, October 24, 2014

The Captive Within by Vikki Kestell - Review of the fifth book in A Prairie Heritage series

The Captive Within picks up the day after Joy on This Mountain ends. The two infamous houses of Corinth, Colorado, are closed and the young women who had been imprisoned there have been released. Rose and Joy leave Corinth to establish a home and a haven for "their" girls in Denver.

Before long, Rose and Joy face a heartbreaking challenge: What does it take to unlock and free the soul of a defiled woman? and as they wrestle for a foothold in Denver, Rose discovers that the long abandoned house given to them hides a dark secret of its own.

Although this book kind of strayed off of the Thoresen family, don't get me wrong Joy and Rose are still very much in the story, I still found the book compelling. It is amazing what Joy and Rose are able to do for the 'abused' women in that day and time, and such faith they have even when things don't look good. I like that Vikki has Rose writing in a journal and we get to know her feelings and just reading those entries can encourage a person in their own faith.

I was so anxious to read the next book that I'm half done with it and I'm just now writing the review for this one. I so encourage you to read this series, it is turning into something I totally did not expect. Not only am I half done with Stolen, which I can hardly put down, I have to purchase the sixth one in the series, Lost Are Found!

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