Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Matchmaker by Sarah Price - Review of the second book in the Amish Classics series

Emma Weaver is twenty-one years old and has found a passion for playing matchmaker with her friends. Her neighbor, Gideon King, warns her about interfering in people's lives, but she disregards his advice and plans to set up Paul, the son of the bishop with her friend Hannah.

But when Paul misinterprets Emma's attention, believing she has feelings for him, he begins asking her to ride in his buggy after Sunday singings and shows up at her house for Friday evening visits. As she tries to repair the damage that's been done and mend the hearts that have been broken, she finds herself in trouble with the community. Will she learn her lesson and stop meddling in the affairs of others? Will she find a love of her own.

What a good series this is. Have you ever thought you were doing something positive for others and then mess up not only your own life but other lives as well? I really like the way Sarah tells the story and lets the reader see how Emma handles each situation. She teaches a lesson about letting 'nature' take it's course and not trying to take the 'course' in your own hands, especially when your are messing with other peoples lives. Great read Sarah! I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, "Second Chances" coming out in June of this year.

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