Monday, April 6, 2015

August by Kit Morgan - Review of the first book in the Prairie Grooms series

Prairie Grooms is a series, so you'll want to read these books in order to have the most fun. Kit Morgan's books are fun, whimsical, sweet stories about the old west, its people, but especially about Clear Creek. One of the wackiest little towns in the old west!

Also by Kit Morgan:
The Prairie Bride Series, beginning with 'His Prairie Princess"

The Holiday Mail Order Bride Series, beginning with 'The Christmas Mail Order Bride'

What happens when six English ladies are shipped off halfway across the world as mail order brides? EVERYTHING! Watch them go from a posh lifestyle in London to Clear Creek, a nothing of a town full of quirky characters, crazy livestock, and bumbling villains! Oh, and handsome grooms too!

Duncan Cooke, aka The Duke of Stantham, had a problem. He had a huge estate in England to manage, one not far from London, and it came with all the headaches one would expect with an estate in disarray. Including six unwed cousins, women no man would touch for fear of losing a limb, or worse. Strange things happened to all who tried to court them, so they were left unwed. But Duncan realized that his hometown of Clear Creek had exactly what he needed. MEN! And so with the help of his brother's wife Sadie, he concocted a plan to send his cousins to Clear Creek as mail order brides! He just hoped the calamity that often followed them, didn't find its way across the sea as well ...

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Yes, I will agree with the 'Back of the Book Blurb' this was a fun book and there are quirky characters, crazy livestock and bumbling villains. You will find this book very enjoyable but I think before I read the next ones in this series I might want to go back and start with the 'The Prairie Brides' series, I would suggest that you start there also. There are seven books in the first series and six in this series (The Prairie Grooms). I read this one pretty quickly and it looks like the other books are short stories also, but well worth the time. I think you will find yourself giggling as you read.

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